War on humidity at the Fonte della Fata Morgana. The city council of Bathroom in Ripoli approves the technical-economic feasibility study for the recovery of the water system of the Nymphaeum complex. A delicate and important intervention that has the aim of protecting the building from the mountain waters coming from the hill that rises behind it. The project involves the construction of conservative restoration works of the mountain side portion of the building, located on the slopes of the Fattucchia hill, just above the town of Grassina. The already existing ancient aquacins will be restored and new draining trenches will be built.
During periods of abundant spring water flow, part of the spring water from the settling tanks in the structure actually spills onto the floor of the galleries. In addition, the walls of the nymphaeum hall are affected by a strong diffused humidity mainly due to rainwater and draining of the roof that infiltrate the walls of the building. With the go-ahead for the feasibility study by the junta, the search for the resources needed to support the "anti-humidity" intervention is now open for the Municipality. A plan for which, calculates the municipal administration, about 250 thousand euros are needed.

“The administration's commitment to protect and enhance this little jewel of garden architecture, a unique example of its kind, continues - says the mayor. La Fonte, also known as Casina delle Fate, was built by Bernardo Vecchietti in the second half of the 1500s inside the park of villa Il Riposo, the family's summer residence, and is attributed to a young Giambologna. Today it needs constant care and important maintenance. The next step is the arrangement of the water system to protect it from mold and humidity, the project is there and we will immediately get to work to find the resources necessary to put it into practice as soon as possible ".

“The approval of the feasibility study by the junta - says the councilor for culture - allows us to request some funding necessary to implement the intervention, starting from the funds made available to the MEF and Mibact. And at the same time we are also opening a dialogue with the Superintendency to try to replicate for the Fonte della Fata Morgana the same model of collaboration between the two bodies put in place for the restoration of the ancient Spedale del Bigallo ".
Among the initiatives aimed at the protection and enhancement of the Nymphaeum, mention should be made of the "Giambologna and the Fata Morgana" fund collection aimed at supporting the restoration of the complex, promoted and organized within the XXVI edition of the 'Crafts and Palace' exhibition scheduled in September in Florence.
In the first room of the Fonte, owned by the municipal administration since 1996, there is a niche-shaped fountain, at the center of which was the marble statue of the Fata Morgana, attributed to Giambologna and now preserved in a private collection. The mysterious and magical aspect of the place, as well as the fame of Morgana, seductive healing sorceress of the cycle of King Arthur, has favored the birth of ancient legends around the sixteenth-century Nymphaeum over the centuries, helping to make it a mysterious and evocative place.