The Chinese city of Chengdu wins the Florence Design Week showing Italy its best contemporary works on various design categories, like that creative e industrial. In Florence new Italy-China partnerships are born for the cultural market of design and new commercial frontiers open up in Europe. 5 the awarded companies, 2 the artists and 4 the new contracts signed between institutions in Chengdu and Italy.

Until the 15 June within the Florence Design Week, the Chengdu delegation, composed of the City Trade Office and a dozen companies and institutes of culture and creativity, organized an exhibition and a conference on the subject “Chengdu services"And "Creativity di Chengdu".

The Chinese delegation, which aims to promote discussions in the fields of art, design research and development, showed products and promoted exchange visits between artists in Florence, according to a method of cultural-commercial cooperation, but also and above all looking at the interesting industrial resources that Italy offers for the development of Chengdu itself, meeting with some managers of various Italian institutions, including artistic institutions such as the Numeroventi e Iaspis. Finally, with the aim of widening the spaces of collaboration towards Europe, Chengdu Services is launching a series of economic and commercial promotion events also in Sweden, so as to open more roads for the integration of excellent quality international industrial resources.

Chengdu has a long and millennial history. It is a cultural city with deep internal resources, and a connection hub for international bodies from all over the world. It is also the communication center with foreign countries thanks to the intense international trade flows, as well as a fascinating city esteemed for its great livability. The journey of the Chengdu Services in Italy and its presence at the Florence Design Week, means further strengthening the cooperation between Italy and Chengdu (Italy - China) through the stipulation of new agreements and contracts. At Florence Design Week Chengdu is, in fact, showing the best contemporary works on various design categories, such as creative and industrial design, and the different expressions in different types of products, attracting professionals and international buyers from all over the world. This is a high-level platform, important for the start of a dialogue between Chengdu and Italy, that is, between two design markets, but also towards Europe. The creative design not only brings new energy to the "Chengdu Services" and to the "Chengdu Creativity" platform, but hopes to become a new channel and a new communication tool between Chengdu and the world and vice versa.

5 Enterprises and 2 artists receive the award - 4 Entities sign the contract
The 8 June day, the grand ceremony of aperture of the Florence Design Week and that of prizegiving took place at Medici Palace. Presiding over it: the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany of Italy Eugenio Giani, the General Manager for the organization of the Florence Design Week Alessandro pumpo, the President of the MUSIWA artistic-cultural association of Italy Francesco Chimienti and other representatives of the government and local authorities. Finally: Yang Li, President of the Chengdu Folk Artists and Literary Association for Ribbon Cutting. Also present were the delegation of travel abroad of "Servizi di Chengdu" and representatives of various sectors in Italy, more than 300 designers and directors of various design agencies and companies from all over the world. Eugenio Giani said: the Chengdu delegation brought a fresh breeze to the Florence Design Week, and introduced new vitality. According to Alessandro Pumpo, the Chengdu exposition presented at Florence Design Week elements of the culture of Tianfu and the city of Chengdu that shine in the eyes of Italians.

The award ceremony. 5 are the members of the Chengdu delegation to be awarded: Lifang International Digital Technologies Co., Ltd., Sichuan Province Life Research Center (Sichuan Life Aesthetic Association), Chengdu Nongyuan Culture and Art Promotion Co., Ltd., Chengdu Dantang Culture Promotion Co., Ltd., finally, the Bampo brand, which won the Florence Design Award for Companies. The great master of Shu-style embroidery, Bai Hua, winner of the Golden Panda Design Award gold award, and Wang Shanshan, instead, won the Florence Design Award as individual artists.

During the event, the Chengdu Clothing Trade Association (Chengdu Association of Trade in Services), Chengdu Nongyuan Culture and Art Promotion Co., Ltd. and the Bampo brand then presented the public with possible themes on the future development of the artistic-cultural market, on that of the Chinese leather goods market and the various design trends, showing how the companies in Chengdu, with different modalities, are carriers, in addition to the Tianfu culture, of new design skills and characteristics of Chengdu itself. In addition, in these days, it has also emerged that, in making Chengdu particular, it is also its great ability to accept different elements and integrate them to itself, so as to make it a fertile ground ready to receive the arrival of international design bodies and cultural trade companies.

Successfully signed strategic cooperative agreements have become partners: Yang Li, President of the Chengdu Folk Artists and Literary Association, the Chairman of the Nongyuan Board of Trustees, the Florence Design Week Organization Committee, the General Manager of Pelletteria Viviani and the managing director of Bampo, Huang Lang, the Responsible of the Association of Free Professionals of Tuscan Artisans and the co-founder of Chengdu Wuyu Industry Design Co., Ltd., Liu Cheng, President of the Association of Chinese Artists in Italy Tang Bing and the General Manager of Sichuan Menggongfang Shu Embroidery Co., Ltd. Bai Hua.

Chengdu is also called "the City of Broom", and the broom is the flower of Chengdu; Florence in Italian also means "the city of flowers". To express their sincere thanks, the Chengdu delegation gave the president of the regional council Eugenio Giani the wax broom, an art that is an intangible cultural heritage, hoping that the broom can become the witness of the prosperous development of cultural commerce and of deep cooperation between the two countries.