The XII edition of Florence Biennale. International exhibition of contemporary art and design', hosted at the Fortezza da Basso to Sunday 27 October 2019.

The exhibition, this year dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, represents a showcase of excellence for the international contemporary art production. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramic and textile works, art jewelery, street art, video installations and performances, as well as a section dedicated to Italian and international design: the exhibition brings to Florence over 700 artists (484 artists and 263 designers) who come from 78 countries of five continents.

Among others, the contemporary painter Mario Vetere in Florence he will be doubly protagonist, finding himself beyond the Spadolini Pavilion of the Fortezza da Basso, also at the club I'Tuscani 2, where an exhibition of his 17 works was set up at the same time.


The Florentines and the visitors who are in the city will have the extraordinary opportunity to admire the work of an artist who expresses a new process of creation and use of the work of art, which he himself christened "NegativoèPositivo". Each work is in fact made as if it were a film of analogue photography, and therefore in negative, ready to be transformed in its "visible" version: in fact, through a smartphone or tablet, by changing the display settings in the spectrum of the negative, we can see the work of Vetere in what is normal vision. Mario Vetere's paintings will therefore be exhibited at the restaurant I'Tuscani 2, of via dei Federighi, 37 / ra Florence, up to 27 October (last day of Florence Biennale).

Il "Lorenzo il Magnifico" International Award which is usually assigned to the artists who stand out in the reference categories, this year it was assigned to the Mexican sculptor Gustav Aceves by an International Jury made up of prominent personalities from the world of art and culture. This edition includes the following artistic categories in competition: drawing and calligraphy, painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramic art, textile art, art jewelery, photography, multimedia art, video art, performance and art installation. The event also confers the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" Award to the career to personalities and institutions that have distinguished themselves for artistic merits or for their contribution to culture.