In such a difficult time as the one we are going through, it is nice to discover flashes of light that help us look to the future with great optimism and indisputable energy. And energy Domenico Neri e Mirco Ornani, Personal Fitness Coach of excellence, they have it to sell. Just think that the two Tuscan professionals were able to take advantage of the event that shocked the world to get back into the game and deepen their work, to find new strategies and even realize a dream.

"We have opened DO.MI.NOpfc, an exclusive personal training center to meet the new needs of Florentines but not only. What we propose are gods personalized training and health programs 'by goal'; after one advice in-depth and a detailed anamnesis of the subject, we study a 360-degree strategy to reach the set goal ”, explains Domenico.

It is not a simple gym but, as the two PFCs prefer to call it, a “precious little corner” located in the courtyard of the historic Palazzo Albizi, in the heart of Florence. A place equipped with taste and innovative machinery ready to receive the single client (exclusive coaching), as a couple (together is better) but also small groups (personal small group coaching).

“Our idea is to create a secluded place where you can be reborn and get back to health, a project that, at least I, I have been cultivating for some time. - confesses Domenico - For many years I worked in gyms as an instructor and personal trainer but I felt the need to go further. And so I attended the Pfc Academy, where I learned a revolutionary training and coaching method, I met Mirco and we became Personal Fitness Coach. Then came the pandemic that upset my life but, incredibly, it also offered me the opportunity to study and reflect on the evolution of my profession ".

What the two PFCs propose, therefore, is a tailor-made path for the customer, whether it is aimed at weight loss, toning or posture.

“We also give advice regarding nutrition - he explains Domenico - having studied nutraceuticals, and we offer complementary services, such as the advice of a professional dietician, a physiotherapist and a Shiatsu operator, so that the personalized path can be truly complete. "

Pending the reopening of the gyms, closed for the moment due to the health emergency, it is still possible to take advantage of Domenico and Mirco's courses through the "web training & coaching" platform, or in external presence, in personal groups that do not exceed five people, or at home for up to two customers.

“We offer muscle-building, weight-loss, postural and Pilates programs tailored to individual needs. To obtain a high quality service, it is essential that everything passes from consulting, which can be carried out at our studio, obviously with the necessary precautions, but also at home or via the web ".

Domenico and Mirco use a new coaching method, which helps to maintain motivation and provides the tools to develop a winning mental attitude that, especially in this historical moment, can do nothing but good.

"Our aim is to activate a linear chain reaction that occurs when a change is capable of producing another major change, giving rise to a linear sequence of changes" - concludes Mirco - To achieve an objective, the first step must be taken ”.

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