Love for good Florentine food, for high quality meat and certainly for the customers, who at the steak restaurant I'Tuscani 2 are always welcomed in a pleasant atmosphere, and from the reopening they can also enjoy a menu "Street Food", Consisting of delicious recipes designed" to brighten the summer evenings in the open space we have set up ", as he explains well Alberto Florindo, owner and General Manager of the three restaurants of the chain.

"The menu is certainly what reflects us most, always based on excellence, and even if the moment is not easy for anyone, I can say that we have never been ready like today", says Alberto.

From Thursday to Sunday evening, at the restaurant in via de 'Federighi, 37r la beef steak, Hamburger, il cutting board full of exquisite cold cuts e cheese, the contours made with local products and delicious desserts, they can be enjoyed atopen, in the nice wooden tables placed outside the restaurant, in a Florentine street full of character, a stone's throw from Via Tornabuoni and Santa Maria Novella.

Alberto Florindo

“Incredibly the forced break we experienced due to the emergency Coronavirus it allowed us to stop and reflect, it was an opportunity to understand many things, mainly we analyzed and revised our menu and seized new opportunities. At this stage we have also improved the structure of our premises, such as the I'Tuscani 3 (Via Dante Alighieri, 18r) that we are renovating to make it even more beautiful ", explains Alberto.

At the "bisteccheria" the "ciccia", as they say in Florence, has always been the queen of the table, it comes from the prized Chianina, from the delicious Maremmana or from the tasty Pisana and now it can also be appreciated in the hamburger format, perhaps with goat cheese, onion di Certaldo, ribbed tomato and fresh spinach, with a perfect dressing that accompanies (and does not cover) the flavor of the meat of San Giobbe.

Among the desserts, the delicious ones stand out Cantuccini almonds, also served with i figs or with the dark chocolate, the most famous Prato biscuits in the world, made in a soft version withAncient Oven Santi, a renowned biscuit factory that has been operating since 1920 in Migliana, on the outskirts of Prato and is known throughout Tuscany for preparing cantucci as it once was: by hand and only with fresh eggs and refined and high quality ingredients.

For Alberto, the customer's well-being comes first and for this reason he has created a real protocol that he called the "first bite"

“The first feeling is important. With us the waiter must observe the emotional expression of the customer when tasting a food for the first time. And if the customer is not satisfied, we must intervene immediately. Everything must be excellent. "

A philosophy, that I'Tuscani, which always places them among the first in the ranking in Florentine catering, certainly thanks to the passion of Alberto Florindo who believes in a great conviviality project, strong and winning.