It is not a fil rouge but an adhesive tape with the words "fragile" that links the fight against loneliness to art. It will be the street art of Ache77, the protagonist of the awareness campaign of Voice Amica Firenze, the oldest Italian help-line offering a free telephone listening service for everyone. Like? Through a exhibition spread in the open in various spaces of the city of Florence to raise awareness on the universal theme of solitude and let those who need it know that on 055 2478 666 there is a “Voce Amica” ready to listen to it. To support the realization of the project it will be possible to participate in crowdfunding by making a donation on the platform Eppela (

The project was born with the aim of raising awareness of the service offered by the voluntary association Voce Amica Firenze, and is carried out within the Social Innovation Jam 2 initiative of the CR Firenze Foundation within Siamosolidali, in collaboration with Impact Hub Florence and Feel Crowd. The initiative was also co-promoted by the Councilorship for the fight against loneliness of the Municipality of Florence, with the partnership of the Street Levels Gallery. Among the filmmakers is Francesca Pignanelli, a young creative and videomaker, who during the Social Innovation Jam 2 path carried out the idea in every phase and aspect, involving Streets Levels Gallery, the first urban art gallery in Florence.

Ache77, Florentine stencil artist by adoption, and one of the founders of the Street Levels Gallery, will post works inspired by the themes of loneliness, hospitality, listening and emotional fragility for the whole city. Each installation will contain references to the service offered by Voce Amica Firenze in order to direct people to the help they seek. The identifying images of the campaign will be subjects united by an adhesive tape with the words "fragile" and this scotch will be used to anticipate the campaign through some artistic forays around the city that will feature telephone booths and other urban elements.

Upon reaching € 7.000, the CR Firenze Foundation will double the budget, which will be used to promote the campaign for the purpose of creating the communication images. The latter will be played on non-verbal language combined with great attention to detail, and will then be printed and exhibited throughout Florence in the summer.

states Marco Lunghi, Head of Communications of Voce Amica Firenze: “We chose art because we think it can be a way to talk to everyone. A universal means of trying to explain a universal feeling. The outdoor art, along the streets of the city, visible and aimed at all is in line with the cardinal principles of the association. Ache77, the artist who agreed to join us in this undertaking, with his art made of direct and meaningful images, immediately embraced the project, becoming passionate about the theme of human frailty ".

“With the Social Innovation Jam initiative, the Foundation has set itself the goal of providing the tools to create innovation in the Third Sector. - he claims Gabriele Gori, Director General of the CR Firenze Foundation - I thank Voce Amica Firenze for having accepted this challenge and the young people for having contaminated and enriched this path with their own skills. It is now up to the community to do its part to make the idea this team believed in a reality. The Foundation hopes that participation will be as wide as possible ".

“The service - underlined the commissioner for the fight against loneliness and youth policies Cosimo Guccione - it is characterized by the fact that the experience and knowledge put in place do not refer to a specific sector for the resolution of specific problems but it carries out a very precious service of "pure" telephone reception open unconditionally to all. We intended to enhance this important initiative even more by signing a memorandum of understanding for the prevention of social vulnerabilities and fragility, the contrast of social isolation, the consolidation and implementation of local association networks. It is these networks that encourage listening and the promotion of active citizenship on the theme of loneliness. The works of the street artist Ache 77 will be displayed on the showcase circuit and on the 6 × 3 stations of the Municipality. They will be visible between spring and summer ”.

Telephone Voice Amica Florence It is a voluntary association, first in Italy, which offers a telephone listening service open to anyone who wishes to speak and be heard, active every day, including holidays, from 16 to 6 the following morning. It receives about 110.000 calls a year, thanks also to the special, and almost unique, night service offered. The phone calls are handled, in full respect of anonymity and without any prejudice or discrimination, exclusively by the approximately 70 volunteers of the association. These are not professionals such as psychologists or psychotherapists but willing people, adequately prepared through a compulsory internal training course lasting 6 months, who work with the sole purpose of establishing a relationship with the person calling. The headquarters of the association is in Florence but the calls come from all over the country.

Biography Ache77 Ache77 is a stencil artist, urban artist and visual artist. He had his first approach with the stencil technique already in middle school, when he cut out a logo traced on a still image on TV. Only many years later, with the arrival of the internet, will he discover that his favorite pastime is the stencil technique, deriving from graffiti. Graduated in sculpture with a thesis on guerrilla sculpture, that is, non-commissioned public installations, the artist creates portraits that have the ability, through the intensity of the gaze or pose, to enter into a relationship with the people who casually meet them. His works can be casually encountered on the street, in art galleries or contemporary art museums. In 2016, together with other artists and cultural producers, the first Street Art gallery in Tuscany opens in Florence: Street Levels Gallery (via Palazzuolo, 74 / r).