“We will be ready to host visitors again from 13 February 2021. In this period - declares the Director Cecilie Hollberg - There Galleria dell'Accademia it remained closed for obvious reasons but in reality we didn't stop for a moment. We took the opportunity to carry on and start construction sites which, as already communicated several times, are essential to improve the state of health of the Gallery and its precious collections. Since the museum has no deposit, it was a real challenge to relocate the more than 450 works in the Sala del Colosso and the Gipsoteca. In the absence of an audience, it is Lorenzo Bartolini's models that populate and enrich our exhibition itinerary and the 500th century paintings shine with another light in the rooms of temporary exhibitions. A new Accademia Gallery, exceptionally for the duration of the work that will continue behind the scenes. I invite everyone to come and see it. "

With the closure of the Sala del Colosso, subject to a structural architectural restoration, all the paintings preserved here - apart from a few large ones - were moved to the rooms generally dedicated to temporary exhibitions. An extraordinary collection, a true summa of Florentine painting of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, which, thanks to a closer view, a different set-up and a more accurate lighting, regains all its preciousness, highlighting details that escaped in the previous headquarters. Think, for example, of the Thebaid, by Paolo Uccello, of which we can finally enjoy the delicate shades of colors that until now had been lost.

The plaster busts of Lorenzo Bartolini depicting noblewomen and nobles, intellectuals, nymphs and mythological figures, musicians of the time, usually not very visible because they are placed on high shelves, together with the monumental sculptures and bas-reliefs always in plaster, which housed in the Gipsoteca, they will be located in different rooms of the museum, grouped by thematic sections.


On this occasion, the collection of musical instruments will also be reopened, a real jewel that collects extraordinary pieces that belonged to the Grand Ducal families of the Medici and Lorraine, subsequently passed to the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory, including the viola, built by Antonio Stradivari, unique in the world for its original state of conservation.

This installation of the Accademia Gallery is absolutely unique and aimed at the duration of the various construction sites that will end in July 2021, when it will finally be possible to inaugurate a new air conditioning system working in all the rooms of the museum, a new lighting, a path museum redefined and more enjoyable for the public.