To celebrate Epiphany day, Monday January 6 2020, the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore organizes the Florence Cavalcade of the Magi. The event, now in its XNUMXth edition of the modern era, refers to an ancient Florentine tradition of the XNUMXth century, when in Florence a company of lay people named after the Holy Magi, which included the greatest members of the Medici family, organized a magnificent procession, the "Festa de 'Magi".

Since 1997, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 700th anniversary of the foundation of the Cathedral, theWork of Santa Maria del Fiore He wanted to take up this ancient tradition by organizing, every year, a solemn procession of figures with the Magi on horseback riding their heads, in sumptuous silk dresses inspired by those of the fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli, which crosses the center of Florence. The event takes place under the auspices of the Archdiocese and the Chapter of the Duomo, under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and the participation of the municipalities of the province.

After departure from Piazza Pitti, at 14.00, the procession will wind along the streets of the center (via Guicciardini, Ponte Vecchio, via Por S. Maria, Via Lambertesca, Loggiato degli Uffici, Piazza della Signoria, Via Calzaiuoli) until you reach Piazza Duomo at 15.00. From 14.30 pm in Piazza Duomo on Choir of the White Voices of the Chapel of the Cathedral of Florence, directed by Maestro Michele Manganelli, will entertain the audience with Christmas carols. After the arrival of the whole procession in Piazza Duomo, the greeting of the figures and the offering of the gifts of the Three Kings to the Baby Jesus in the living Nativity. At the intervention of Luca Bagnoli, president of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore, will follow the reading of the Holy Gospel and the greeting of Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, archbishop of Florence, who will speak about the meaning of Epiphany, welcoming a representation of the children of the parishes of the Florentine Diocese.


La Cavalcade of the Magi it refers to an ancient Florentine tradition of the fifteenth century, the “Festa de 'Magi”, which was organized in Florence every three years and since 1447 every five. The task of organizing the feast was entrusted to a company of lay people called the Santi Re Magi or della Stella, whose headquarters, at the behest of Cosimo the Elder de 'Medici, was at the Convent of San Marco. The feast was organized in three different processions that gathered in front of the Baptistery and then in Piazza Signoria and from there they continued together to the Basilica of San Marco, where with songs and prayers they adored the Child Jesus. The party was particularly gorgeous. The processions were attended by the members of the Company - there were hundreds of them - dressed in precious clothes and the most luxurious merchandise carried by a multitude of pack animals, also covered with precious fabrics, were exhibited.

The first certain information on the Company of Saints Magi or Star dates back to 1417 and concerns a loan received from the Signoria, but in all likelihood its foundation is to be considered at the end of the fourteenth century. The company of the Saints Magi, which became one of the most important in the city thanks to the protection of the Medici and the significant number of members, was suppressed in the 1494 after the expulsion of the Medici from Florence.

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