The national assembly of the members of theAssociation of Historical Places of Italy, a non-profit cultural association with the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, which brings together the 240 oldest and most prestigious hotels, restaurants and literary cafes that have made the history of our country. The members came from all over Italy to celebrate forty years of activity in the name of culture.

The 2016 Historical Places of Italy Guide presented, dedicated this year to the "Ladies of the Historical Places of Italy", the extraordinary women who have given indelible imprints to the ancient activities they lead or of which they were protagonists.

On the occasion, also the gentlemen's agreement in the sign of the common work of cultural promotion and protection between the historic places of Italy, chaired by Pietro Romanengo, eighth generation of the Romanengo Confectionery of Genoa, the oldest in the world, and theAssociation of Florentine Historical Exercises, chaired by Gherardo Filistrucchi, ninth generation of the Filistrucchi company, a lineage of wig and make-up craftsmen for the theater. The Associazione Esercizi Storici Fiorentini, founded in 2013, brings together more than sixty historic companies, including Moleria Locchi, Argentiere Pagliai, the centenary Trattoria Burde and Trattoria Sostanza.


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The conference "Local and historical shops, Italian cultural heritage", held Sunday at Palazzo Medici Riccardi under the patronage of the Tuscany Region, the City of Florence and the Metropolitan City of Florence, launched a message in favor of protection and protection because the ancient and prestigious local and historical shops of the whole country are not lost, bringing the example of Florence as a model to be followed by all the municipalities of Italy, with a particular request for "attention" to this resource also by the government. The City of Florence, in fact, in the 2008, the first and only in Italy, approved a Resolution for the protection of the intended use of the historical premises of the administration.

The historical exercises represent a wealth of professionalism, competence, skill and know-how acquired with long patience, sacrifice and effort - he said Gherardo Filistrucchi, president of the Florentine Historical Businesses Association. They are reference points of our cities, comparable, in many respects, to the monuments of which our Italy is rich, and contribute significantly to characterize the social fabric: it is therefore essential to implement any and all actions, associative and institutional, in order to succeed in protect them, promote them, safeguard them, making them appreciate and discover how they are alive and useful. On this aspect, the Associazione Esercizi Storici Fiorentini is channeling many of its efforts.