A journey through the historic gardens, or rather, the 'spaces of nature' of the Tuscan capital. Here is what he proposes "Florence through the gardens, everything you need to know about greenery in the city", the pocket guide by the architect Anna Lambertini which accompanies the reader for a walk through an unusual Florence, to walk the places where "nature has become thought".

“The idea comes from a cultural project cultivated by Pmg Italy, Edifir and l 'AIAPP (Tuscany Umbria Marche section). - he says Anna Lambertini - This is a travel proposal through Florence seen from the side of its gardens; we are used to admiring this city for its monuments but in reality it is full of parks and gardens that are just waiting to be explored ”.

The guide is divided into two sections: city ​​gardens e itineraries. The first collects the cards descriptive of eighteen places, in the second they are proposed five cognitive, cultural, historical and geographical itineraries of the city. In addition to the historic green spaces, the volume also offers 'landscape tiles' from the recently reconfigured newspaper.


"Our goal was to make known not only important places of the precious historical landscape heritage of this city - such as the Bardini garden or the Horticulture garden, which are manifestations of different moments in the culture of garden art and landscape - but also contemporary places to discover what are the current interpretations of our way of looking at nature cultivated with art within the city ”.

"Florence through the gardens" it is aimed at tourists (the text is also in English), enthusiasts but also Florentines.

"Our goal is to reach a very wide audience, we address the inhabitants of Florence and tourists but I believe that this guide can also be very useful for students of the degree course in Landscape Architecture who, in this way, will be able to follow a circuit of exploration of these very special places ".

The guide, available in bookstores and online ( also features a QR Code which allows access to interesting multimedia contents that enrich the volume.

“The novelty is that you can browse the site set up by Pmg Italia to find the contents of the guide and interesting multimedia materials, including interviews and exploratory videos. An invitation to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature in the city ”, concludes the curator.

The guide is a supplement to the magazine "Landscape architecture"(Edifir Florence Editions), and thirteen authors / authors, scholars of art and history of the garden and landscape and designers, of which eleven are members of AIAPP, Italian Association of Landscape Architecture. The videos of the garden guide are edited by Pmg Italy. A project funded by Savings Bank Foundation.

"Florence through the gardens, everything you need to know about greenery in the city" in the launch phase it is also distributed free of charge in the Infopoints up to 4 thousand copies with the Firenze Welcome card.