Florence, 15 routes for 15 walks [VIDEO]

The guide of Enzo Carro in the Tuscan capital, full of amusing anecdotes, inspired a suggestive photographic exhibition in Bagno a Ripoli

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A very original and very funny guide to the Tuscan capital, the one written by Enzo Carro, which reveals its playful intent from the title.

"Florence. What fun to go for a walk. 15 itineraries for 15 walks accompanied by curiosity and playful anecdotes"In fact offers itself to the reader as a sort of" tourist trip "to discover all those places known for framing curious events or funny Florentine stories that are often unknown or forgotten.

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In fact, the guide is full of curiosities, news, playful anecdotes about illustrious and lesser known personalities, which, as the author points out, "denote the creativity, the wit and the diplomatic irreverence of the Florentine people".

Silvia Tozzi, responsible together with Francesco Maria Mugnai di Florence Art Editions, the publishing house that published the volume, tells: "Any stone, any place, a door, a window, a square, a bar are a starting point for Enzo Carro to go and look for curiosity, not the historical-artistic aspect - he rightly does not propose himself to the public as an art historian - because of these places, of these Florentine foreshortenings, the author went to look for particular anecdotes, for example linked to cinematography, we think of Monicelli, of films like " My friends ", or to characteristic figures, like that of the angel who is on the cathedral of Florence and who shows a slightly irreverent gesture. Known and less known anecdotes but always in the name of a smile and fun ".

Thanks to the collaboration of the publishing house with the Photographic group DGT Florence and with the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, the initiative to organize a suggestive was also born photographic exhibition inspired by the places mentioned by the guide and hosted these days at the Sala Ruah of Bagno a Ripoli.

"The idea was born last year," he points out Silvia Tozzi - we proposed to these photographer friends to be inspired by the book by Enzo Carro to view some places in the city and create images stimulated by these suggestions by the author ".

Born from the common love for culture and the passion for the book object of Francesco Maria Mugnai and Silvia Tozzi, the publishing house Florence Art today it boasts an extensive catalog.

"The publishing house has a fairly large catalog, ranging from non-fiction, to fiction, to guides, as is the case with Browsing, the series that houses the book by Enzo Carro, and is very well known for manuals, shows and also for art catalogs. In more than twenty years we have built a fairly articulated structure, with a very sensitive eye for Florentine and Tuscan things ", Silvia Tozzi is keen to point out.

Enzo Carro. Neapolitan author, singer, actor and musician. Since 1983 he lives and works in Florence where, due to his versatility, he is nicely nicknamed the "Partenopeo and part ... Florentine". He has published: The heredity of Partenope. The journey of Neapolitan singing from the ancient rapsodi to the modern neomelodici (2001); I want to be a comedian. First aid manual for actors, authors and directors (2006); The double sense bingo. Historical essay and bizarre poems on the Neapolitan tombola (2012).


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