The game scheme created to contain Juventus, the 3-5-2 without strikers, will eventually be patented as it is becoming the hallmark of the new winning Fiorentina Vincenzo Montellto. A module that makes the most of it when the viola is facing an opponent of higher caliber and that will have to be reviewed when they have to set the action more. Next Sunday with Udinese, therefore, we will have further proof. The viola technician is the first to know it this way after the race, in addition to preaching calm to the Florentine environment, "we must not think that we are already in the Champions League ", speaks of an "evolution" of Fiorentina which foresees the center forward.

While waiting for this tactical change, Florence enjoys the simplicity of Gaetano Castrovilli who dedicates the first goal in Serie A, made at San Siro or at the Scala del Calcio, to the family and repeatedly uses the verb "speriamo" whether it is to continue playing like this or to be called up for the national team. Florence is ideally all standing together at San Siro to pay homage to its Champion, Franck Ribery.

"A year of sporting transition with the healthy ambition of winning", This is how Pradè called it. The renewed team and from a few weeks together is giving great satisfaction and bodes well for the rest of the season, starting next Sunday at the 12.30 at the "Franks" against Udinese.


At the 24 'he lifts his shot from outside the area of ​​Suso into a corner and repeats himself at the 67'. Other interventions out of hand
CACERES 6,5 - Well in closing, remarkable experience, difficult to go away
PEZZELLA 6,5 - Immediately starting a decisive defensive intervention, postponements if necessary. Yellow Card
MILENKOVIC 6 - At the 35 'he closes well in the area on Piatek. At 41 'Leao goes away in speed but the action fades, in the end instead marks the flag's net. Recover the ball leading to Castrovilli's goal
LIROLA 6 - Good cross at the 16 'not collected in the center of the area, does not cover. Towards the end of the first half a back-heel to free Church in the opposing area
PULGAR 6,5 - Relentless from the spot, to the third personal center. A shot to the side and one rejected in the corner by Donnarumma
BADELJ 7 - Growing up, with a recovered athletic condition, verticalizes. Good opening at the 9 'for the purple restart, also good in coverage, he comes out to press where Milan's action is born
CASTROVILLI 7 - At 66 'the first goal in Serie A after he was canceled at the 28' for Chiesa's offside. At the 68 'earns the penalty kick, landed by Bennacer, then wrong by Church
From 79 ' BENASSI 6 - It is confirmed as the first change for the midfield. Yellow Card
DALBERT 6 - Inaccurate to shooting and cross, but contributes to the great victory
RIBERY 9 - Fairy-tale goal. Assisted by Church, the fantastic action from which the rigor arises, at 55 'causes the expulsion of Musacchio. San Siro standing ovation for him
Dall'89 ' GHEZZAL sv -
7 CHURCH - Earn the converted penalty kick and some punishment. The assist for the goal by Castrovilli canceled, the cross shot rejected by Donnarumma from which the doubling is born, the assist to Ribery for the third goal. Throw in the door, to the side. Regaining balls in the back lines. He wants to beat the penalty kick of the third goal but he has it rejected by Donnarumma
Dall'84 ' BOATENG sv - Accepted by his former public with affection
ALL. MONTELLA 8 - Sbanca San Siro from a great ex. Confirm for the fourth consecutive game the same eleven starting with the second consecutive victory