Fiorentina, without an injured Pezzella, finds Castrovilli and Pulgar, once again, disqualified loses the third consecutive game. After Cagliari and Verona, at home with Lecce getting the most with the least effort. Good start to the race with the viola to create actions especially on the right wing with Lirola then they fall and the exit at the end of the halftime first half of Ribery is not a good omen. At the start of the second half, in fact, Lecce took the lead. Fiorentina confused, Vlahovic nearly scored and Montella played the card in the last twenty minutes Pedro but the Brazilian pulls only once in the goal, centrally, for the goalkeeper's easy grip. Lecce takes away three points from Florence and, on leaving the field of players and technicians, the audience sings "Skip the bench". Montella's future hangs in the balance, but Commisso confirms it, at least for the moment. At least until Tuesday's match in the Coppa Italia with the Cittadella.

"This is football," he says Rocco Commisso - "Montella? I don't chase away when my head turns. So I've always done in life and would like to do football. If someone wants to criticize, you criticize me. We go on day by day ".

"Tonight was a different game from the two previous defeats," he says Vincenzo Montella - "I'm sorry for everyone".


The report cards
It threatens the Duck to 80 'with a risky exit and grossly misses a referral to 83'. Watch out for the 42 'on the punishment of the former Petriccione, he has no faults on the goal
CACERES 5,5 - Decisive intervention at the end of the 7 'but at the 43' with a slip intervention it risks causing a penalty kick on a ball he lost previously

CECCHERINI 5 - It was not easy to play instead of Pezzella. At 88 'he loses a ball to the advantage of Babacar who does not rage
MILENKOVIC 5,5 - Al 3 'dangerous with a low shot at the start of the second half with a header

LIROLA 6 - Excellent start to the race with three dangerous balls placed in the center of the area or just wide in the first ten minutes, then making some mistakes of lightening. Its the cross for Dalbert's header. In obvious decline in the recovery

FROM THE 55 ' GHEZZAL 5 - He wastes a good chance, he doesn't pull in the door when he should

BADELJ 5,5 - The low pace and Lecce's wait-and-see tactics make it easier but don't open the game as it should

FROM THE 71 ' PEDRO 5,5 - A central shot and one over the crossbar

PULGAR 5,5 - Almost sufficient return, should do more

CASTROVILLI 5,5 - Not very incisive except for a slalom in mid-shot. Yellow Card

DALBERT 5,5 - At 51 'nice cross for Vlahovic's head. A header to the side. In the second half he missed several crosses

RIBERY 6,5 - As usual the most important actions start from him, including a veil for Vlahovic and a spectacular dribble to gain a free kick from the edge. Some ball lost and above all the injury at the end of the first half that forced him to go out

FROM THE 46 ' BOATENG 6 - From the height of his experience he tries to shake the team

VLAHOVIC 6 - Bad in the first half with Ribery. At 51 'excellent insertion of head on the cross of Dalbert and at the 54' the shot deflected by the goalkeeper in the corner. Al 70 ', however, concludes high from good position. In the first half a back-heel shot that doesn't fool the goalkeeper

ALL. MONTELLA 5 - Some improvement over the last two games but the game is predictable and is not even lucky