It looks like Barcelona but it is not. IS the Cagliari of Maran that runs like crazy, easily verticalizes, quick touches of the first to reach the goalkeeper and make goals, spectacular pitches that are encased behind Dragowski. How great the Sardinian team is, deservedly in third place in the standings with Lazio, and how much it contributes to making it such Fiorentina is the data to reflect on. Too bad to be true, as they say. Slow, predictable, fearful, harmless in his offensives, up to Vlahovic's brace, poor in his theoretically better men, see Church. Montella's team collapses under the blows of Cagliari and the passive could become worse if Dragowski didn't put his hand in it at some point. We want to find it, however, a positive note, even on a sad day like this. Comes from Dusan Vlahovic, until the first useless and inconclusive goal, then simply bomber. What Fiorentina lacks. Or rather, it was missing. With the return of Ribery, the disqualification was discounted, at the next championship in two weeks in Verona, Hamlet's doubt in Vincenzo Montella, center forward yes or no? Trident or Church sacrificed on the band instead of the inconsistent Lirola? Or, again, the 3-5-2 with Ribery and Church to flutter on the offensive front without giving reference points to the adversaries but without having, on the other hand, them? Dusan, young, robust and competitive, waiting for the coach's choices. Can a brace be enough for the second consecutive starting game (after the one on the first day with Napoli)?

"I had a weight on me, I finally took it off" - he says Vlahovic about his first goals in Serie A - "but it was better if I scored last week because today my double was useless". "Dusan is a potential crack but it must grow like all other young people" - he explains Montella who, with regard to the heavy defeat, says - "We have not been up to it, so many have been ashamed".

"I will make a speech to the team," he comments Pradè while on the social networks of Fiorentina the president Rocco Commisso he says: "I didn't like the team, I'm very saddened".


The report cards
If we recognize something more than his departmental mates, after having conceded five goals, it means that the liability could have been even worse
CACERES 4 - From a warrior like him, from his experience, it was expected that he could somehow manage to rise from the general dullness, even if coming back from an injury

PEZZELLA 4 - He tries to make himself appear even in the offensives, the purple captain, but the general day inevitably involves him
MILENKOVIC 4 - We like, however, to remember the duel with Nainggolan in the middle of the field where he falls but gets up again

LIROLA 3 - It risks becoming the biggest disappointment of the purple league

FROM THE 46 ' THIN 5 - Returning to the offensive role, he partially finds the verve and tries the shot. Booked for simulation

PULGAR 4 - In debt of oxygen and breathlessness, the fifth warning warns of disqualification which will allow him to recharge his batteries

BADELJ 3 - They look like two different engines, his and those of the adversaries. Loses decisive balls

CASTROVILLI 4 - Warning, he will be disqualified, he does not celebrate the national call in the best way

FROM THE 67 ' BENASSI 5 - With the game lost, Montella dusts off the former grenade, due to the disqualification of fellow midfielder sure of the purple midfield in the next match in Verona

DALBERT 4 - Better than Lirola on the other end, but insufficient

3 CHURCH - Received a ram not seen by the referee, he limps and wants to go out. Then he recovers but insists on solitary play. Selfish without being decisive

FROM THE 73 ' GHEZZAL 5 - Player in which Montella believes, but at the moment does not convince

VLAHOVIC 6 - Does not control Pisacane in the Cagliari doubling. His double in Serie A, unlike the one in the Italian Cup, is irrelevant for the result but it is the only positive note

ALL. MONTELLA 3 - The team is unjustified absent so the responsibility passes to the technician called now to the task of making the owner Vlahovic play with the return of Ribery