Therefore the magical effect is suspended. That aura of wonder that surrounded Fiorentina, capable of hitting six useful results by playing without strikers, is no longer there at the moment. Lazio, stronger, organized, expert, also aided by the arbitration decision not to acknowledge the intervention of Lukaku on Sottil that will lead to Immobile's winning goal, sends the viola back to earth, noni in the standings along with Bologna. The day, already negative in itself due to the defeat, produces other problems for the immediate future or for the trip to Wednesday at 21 in Reggio Emilia against Sassuolo. Against Lazio and in front of the President Commisso in the stands, in fact, they leave early due to muscular problems Caceres and Lirola, two important absences, especially the first one. At the 97 ', then, at the final whistle of the referee, Ribery, already nervous about the replacement, pushing a linesman and being expelled and, consequently, disqualified we do not know yet how many days. The seventh game crisis consecutive with the same eleven initial is therefore the leave of a formation that had surprised the adversaries and perhaps even itself but in the last races it had appeared less innovative and therefore predictable. In the after game Vincenzo Montella and the ds viola Daniele Pradè they complained about the failure to grant punishment for the intervention on Sottil, without even resorting to the Var. As for the anger of Ribery replaced, still unaware of the expulsion, they practically expressed the same concept: “Good if he is angry, the champions they want to stay in the field ".

The report cards

Attentive at the start on Lulic's cross shot, he can't stop Correa on the goal. Great intervention at 24 'to avoid the Lazio doubling. Bravo at the 59 'on Lulic's long-range shot. A wrong referral. Caicedo takes the penalty
CACERES 7 - Right from the start, imperious of head. At the 11 'in the Lazio area he deviates the punishment of Pulgar from side to side. A minute later he returns to Lazzari moving him with shoulder strength into the area, the Lazio player falls to the ground but the referee goes on. He leaves early for a muscular problem and his absence is felt


From 39 ' RANIERI 6 - Upon entering, he is warned of a dangerous intervention on Lulic. Good defensive intervention at the end of the first half. A risky back pass when starting shooting. Earn a corner after a personal all-round action. Expelled for double admonition for the hands that provokes rigor
PEZZELLA 6 - Sale late on Correa's goal keeping him in the game. Warning for protests in the final convulsion
MILENKOVIC 6 - Decided as always, but Lazio scores two goals and some responsibility is also his

LIROLA 6 - It comes out prematurely due to a muscular problem and gains sufficiency because it would have covered the band better than Sottil

From 61 ' Thin 5 - Only one great recovery on Lukaku, in the new role for which it is not yet ready as shown by the two balls, lost with the same opponent much more robust physically and expert, from which the goal of Immobile is born (perhaps vitiated precisely by a previous foul ) and the penalty then saved by Dragowski

PULGAR 6,5 - A wrong back pass but otherwise a positive test with lots of sorting balls and the usual task on every kick. Yellow Card
BADELJ 5 - He wanted to look good against his former team but he can't. It loses the ball from which the first Lazio goal is born

CASTROVILLI 6,5 - Always in the heart of the action, it triggers Ribery for the action that leads to temporary balance. Generous even in defensive recoveries. At 78 'his shot parried by Strakosha. Yellow Card

DALBERT 5,5 - Inaccurate. At the 8 'of the recovery from the left a beautiful low shot in the middle of the area on which Lirola almost arrives

RIBERY 6,5 - Valuable for the Church goal. Other games, even if you lose a few balls. At 65 'a nice progression and, after an exchange with Dalbert, a conclusion to the edge of the pole. Nervous for the replacement, at the final whistle he gets angry with a lineman being expelled

FROM THE 74 'BOATENG 5 - Does not enter the game, another missed opportunity

6,5 CHURCH - At the 14 'with a low shot commits Strakosha in a two-stroke parade but at the 28' the Lazio goalkeeper does not reach the corner. Cala in the second half

ALL. MONTELLA 5 - Unlucky for the injuries of Caceres and Lirola, he doesn't guess the changes. Ranieri, while not playing badly, is still as immature as the first admonition just entered the field shows. Sottil immediately appears to be in difficulty on Lukaku that overhangs him physically. The replacement of Ribery then, in addition to entailing a lower technical and competitive rate with the entry into the field of Boateng, causes the nervousness of the Frenchman who will lead him to the expulsion to the 97 '

cover photo AC FIORENTINA