Fiorentina, the Americans are arriving

Ready agreement between the Della Valle and Rocco Commisso, patron of Mediacom, for 150 million dollars. Probable officialization Monday

Historic Palagiaccio Farm

The Americans are about to arrive. The writes the New York Times. And this is enough. To make the official arrive a minute after the end of the championship, just as he had announced in his open letter on La Nazione Don Diego Della Valle, of which we already see the shadow disappearing in the distance while the prosperous presence of a man with the expression and belly typical of successful Italian Italian.

And what a business! Rocco Commisso, a sixty-nine-year-old magnate who emigrated to the States from Calabria when he was just twelve, founder of Mediacom Communication, is therefore preparing to link the name of Florence to New York. Proud of his Italian origins, Commisso is already in the world of the American football with the New York Cosmos and has long sought to enter into the Italian one. A homecoming through the most authentic popular passion. Previously Rome, a year ago wanted to buy Milan, then maybe even Sampdoria, finally Fiorentina.

Fans who complained about the current owners' lack of attendance at the stadium, resign themselves because Commisso will rarely come under the skies of Florence but we are sure that the physical distance will not be felt if the sporting results are up to the ambitions of those used to to succeed in every field of life. If the ball rolls in the right direction, in the network of opponents to understand each other, everything will be forgiven to Mr. Commisso, even the declared Juventus faith.

In the football of two thousand there is no more room for patrons or enthusiasts, it's business, you want to say. Such is the need for enthusiasm that the announced arrival of the Italian American in Florence calls for the fan to violate any consideration in the background, except of course the last game to be played. The Della Valle, never fully fallen in the Florentine age, what will they have done to the team further bewildered by this latest news? Ah yes, tomorrow Fiorentina will be played in Serie A. It is about sporting honor and the sale of the company itself, at least the price seems to be 135 million.

Enjoy Chianti

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