Concerts, meetings on the most urgent topics of the territory and on the great challenges that await us in the near future, and good outdoor food: from July 9 to August 2 the Unity Day returns to Fiesole, in the green area of ​​Montececeri. The event, organized by the PD Fiesole center club, completely outdoors and safely, will be dedicated to children and the elderly, the two subjects who paid the most for the fallout from the Covid-19 emergency, with the aim of rebuilding a community spirit.

Solidarity the guiding word of this edition, the seventy-seventh. In fact, they will participate in the realization of the festival dozens of volunteers e many associations of the Fiesole fabric, for whom this initiative is a message of positivity, which comes in a moment of crisis. Among them, involved Casa del Popolo di Fiesole, Fiesole Calcio, Polisportiva Volleyball Fiesole, Solar Theater, Young Democrats Florence.

On the billboard, space for current affairs meetings. The inauguration will be on 14 July at 21.30 with Emanuele Felice, head of Economics of the PD, on the theme "The South, Italy and Europe. Economic crisis and new policies to get out of it "; the 16 July protagonist Andrea Orlando, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party and former Minister of Justice; on 22 July the future of territorial health in Tuscany will be discussed with Lia Burgalassi, health manager of PD Tuscany, while on July 30 will speak Eugenio Giani, candidate president of the Tuscany region for the center-left.

The events, which will take place on the famous pratone, will feature some of the best Tuscan talents. Opening on July 15 at 21 with thetribute to Fabrizio De Andrè by Title "Via del campo", played by the duo composed of Riccardo Mori (longtime guitarist, among the collaborations the one with Vasco Rossi) e Davide Cammelli (guitars and choirs); on July 17 with the roundup of timeless successes reinterpreted by the “Fake duo ", or Emanuele Fontana (pianist, keyboardist and arranger among others for Article 31, Noemi and Gianni Morandi) e Lorenzo Forti (infinite curriculum, bassist who played in the bands of Laura Pausini, Irene Grandi, Gianni Morandi). On the 28th of July thetribute to Django Reinhardt of the two guitarists Jacopo Martini and Tommaso Papini, proven project in which the manouche jazz and the dragging energy of the swing become the basis for unpredictable directions and improvisations.

Also active a refreshment pointWithu reservation recommended on 320 8560980. From 19, it will be possible to taste on the panoramic terrace pizza and typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine, made with ingredients from local producers, such as potato tortelli with meat sauce, wild boar tagliatelle, peposo, fried fish, desserts and drinks.

"The spirit of this party is that of being together, sharing and meeting after months of distance due to Covid - he comments Andrea Aglietti, municipal union secretary of the Democratic Party Fiesole -. We want to carry on a historic appointment not only for Fiesole, but for the entire metropolitan area. The priority is to protect and give new space to the two most affected categories, the elderly and children who, although for different reasons, have suffered the emergency more than any other ".

"A big applause goes to the Democratic Party of Fiesole which, despite the great difficulties related to the health emergency, manages to guarantee a safe party, especially for children and the elderly - he adds Marco Go, Metropolitan Secretary of the Democratic Party Florence -. Certainly there will be no metropolitan festival that we knew, but the PD in Fiesola will not stand still and will be active with many widespread initiatives throughout the territory, this year with even more enthusiasm than in the past ”.

"We put hope back in motion, through culture, encounter and music, in the sign of the tradition that has animated the feast of L'Unità Fiesolana for 67 years - he closes Mario Setti, secretary of the Fiesole Centro Democratic Party club -. Let's go back to being together in the usual Green Area of ​​Montceceri, a terrace overlooking Florence, half of which is a public park and garden, the other half set up as a bar and restaurant area. The party will be dedicated to children and the elderly, with special spaces and moments. We do not hide the fact that this year the difficulties have been numerous, but being able to organize this edition guaranteeing safety and full compliance with the rules is an important signal and serves to support the local realities and voluntary associations ".

The Festa de L'Unità in Fiesole has existed since 1948, the year the Constitution came into force. Open to all, frequented by tens of thousands of people (last year from 13.000, numbers that cannot be reached due to the limitations imposed by the current situation), it represents a fixed appointment for many.