The Grape Festival of Impruneta is heading towards the centenary and finally, after the stop imposed by the health emergency, it is back together with the usual appointments that precede it.

Luciano Pasquini

On 12 September 2021, on the occasion of the personal exhibition of Luciano Pasquini at Grape Festival Museum, in Piazza Buondelmonti (Impruneta), the 36Author's Label. An important initiative linked to the Grape Festival, born in 1986 thanks to the stubbornness of Tullio Del Bravo who has succeeded in the audacious project of uniting a consolidated party and its protagonists par excellence, grapes and wine, with established artists in the world of art and which over the years has seen the participation of artists known as Annigoni, Talani, Folon, Scatizzi, Ciccia, Guasti and many others who have 'signed' Tuscan wine with their art.

Tullio Del Bravo, Luciano Pasquini, Riccardo Lazzerini, Alessio Calamandrei

"I am a painter, I use color to express myself on the canvas and it is with this that I represented, or rather 'hinted at' the square of Impruneta, with its roofs, the bell tower and the church for thelabel that I presented at the exhibition On the path of the first breath, and on the occasion of which, with the support ofGrape Festival of Impruneta, I have been selling for beneficence eight unpublished works. The total proceeds will be donated entirely to the pediatric hospital Meyer. I have a special bond with Impruneta, it is my town of birth and in San Gersolè I was a pupil of the teacher Maria Maltoni, an innovative figure of the Italian school, to whom I also owe my first approach to painting ”. In fact, the artist has dedicated his solo exhibition to the teacher.

The inauguration of the exhibition took place in the Sala Binazzi, inside the Grape Festival Museum, a space donated for free use to the community since Banco Fiorentino.

“This is an event rooted in the territory that fits into the context of a historic and spectacular festival. - declares Riccardo Lazzerini, President of the Ente Festa dell'Uva di Impruneta - The 36th Author Label will expand the room dedicated to it with the new Grape Festival Museum. This year I feel a strong duty to thank all those who have contributed to the realization of this event and of the whole schedule of the 95th Grape Festival; it is thanks to the compactness of the districts that we have been able to go against the tide and propose an important program, despite the complex historical period we are experiencing.

“This year we will bring to the square only a few choreographies that include one wagon per ward. In a certain sense we could say that it is a return to the origins, when in the past the grape festival consisted only in the performance of the floats, without choreography ", he explains Alessio Calamandrei, mayor of Impruneta.

“Luckily the Grape Festival is back, for the town it is a stimulus, a very important motivation, an event that has a strong unifying power. - tells Stephen Romanelli, deputy vice president of Banco Fiorentino - “The museum was born in a difficult period but there was a strong commitment from our bank which sold these premises to the institution. We have always been at the side of such important events for the population, we hope that next year we can finally return to normality and return to parade as in the past in Piazza Buondelmonti ”.

Present at the inauguration of the exhibition, in addition to the mayor of Impruneta, Alessio Calamandrei, Riccardo Lazzerini, President of the Ente Festa dell'Uva di Impruneta, to the presidents of the districts Laura bath, Andrea Corsani, Luca Gasparri, John Poggini, also present Stephen Romanelli, deputy vice president Banco Fiorentino e Michelangelo Pepe, RAI director and author of the documentary film on his life as Pasquini.

The solo show of the artist Luciano Pasquini it will continue until the next 24 October, from 16.00-19.00 from Tuesday to Friday while on Saturday and Sunday 10.oo-12.30 and 16.00-19.00.

The Artist:

Luciano Pasquini, born in 1943, was born in Florence but soon moved to the rural house of Mezzomonte, in the municipality of Impruneta and attended the first elementary classes at the San Gersolè school, under the guidance of the teacher Maria Maltoni. The country must recover from the German and Anglo-American devastations while Maltoni takes care of the pupils more than from the scholastic point of view from that of preparation and education for life, so it gives ample space to creativity and imagination. The teacher's solicitations remain imprinted in the boy's mind, her incitements, her recommendations, corrections and suggestions, which for a couple of decades end up in the archive but one day, by now she is well beyond the age of majority, they forcefully return to the fore. In 1972 he began the exhibition activity that led him to make himself known and appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad with various exhibitions.

Pasquini in his studio in Villamagna (Florence)