With the display of the floats of the four districts of Impruneta, the 95ª Grape Festival of Impruneta, an event organized by the body of the same name which, in September, saw the succession of a series of events that involved the districts and citizens.

A party open to all in the 60s version, the one that involved the town of Impruneta starting at 13,00, with the static re-enactment of the floats of the Sante Marie, Fornaci, Pallò and Sant'Antonio districts positioned in the center of Piazza Buondelmonti and with many people who stopped to take pictures and selfies near the wagons.

“This is the festival of the town that wants to start over, give a new start to see and target 2022, an event that has deep and important roots. This year I feel a strong duty to thank all those who contributed to its realization - he declares Riccardo Lazzerini, President of the Grape Festival - it is thanks to the compactness of the districts that we have been able to propose an important program, despite the complex historical period we are experiencing ”.

Among the various initiatives, the presence of Anti-COVID vaccine camper in “open day” operation, parked in front of the Municipality of Impruneta, it allowed those present the opportunity to be vaccinated without reservation.

“Together with the Tuscany Region and the Health Society, whom I thank, we strongly wanted to bring the vaccination point to the streets. If today we want to give a signal of normality, even if with the necessary precautions, we must point out that attention must remain high and understand that getting vaccinated is essential. If people don't want to go to the vaccination points, we take them to the people. It is important to definitively achieve total immunity ”he declares  Alessio Calamandrei, mayor of Impruneta.

Vaccinal Camper

Impruneta also wanted to reward the Tuscan actor Sergio Forconi on the occasion of his XNUMXth birthday.

“I'm from Grassina but for a while I worked in the Municipality of Impruneta, here I even have my bank. Last year the Grape festival was missed a lot, Impruneta without this festival is a lame country, it is important that this tradition has resumed and I always participate very willingly and I am a friend of all the districts. I am for sociality ".

At 18 pm the award ceremony of the 40th Competition took place Showcase of Grapes - competition among the country's traders for the most beautiful showcase inspired by grapes. First place Ancient Haberdashery, second third the perfumery-herbalist Il Hawthorn, third the clothing store Sew and sew. The award was then given to the Rione delle Fornaci for having made the largest number of donations to the solidarity tournament of Race Solidarity local Donate of Blood.

The three first classified

The guests of the festival were also cheered by the music, in fact in the afternoon the Giuseppe Verdi Impruneta Philharmonic and played a representative quartet of the four districts directed by the maestro Marco Farruggia who used artisanal tools.

During the day the shops in Impruneta remained open and it was possible to visit the Permanent Museum / Archive of the Grape Festival in Buondelmonti square. The town was also the scene of various recreational events including the exhibition of Alfa Romeo vintage cars, the market exhibition of gastronomic products and the “Mini Market of the Local Boys” promoted by the “La Barazzina” association.

Sergio Forconi awarded in Piazza Buondelmonti

Among those present, also Massimiliano Pescini, regional councilor of Tuscany.

Photo credit: Danilo Forgeschi