"Fables for Irene", six colorful stories

A book of fairy tales illustrated by Filippo, a young adult belonging to the autistic spectrum with great artistic skills. The proceeds donated to the Autistic Syndrome Association

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The Buggerona Witch, the Yellow Zampacchione, the Gedeona Bubble: they are some of the incredible characters protagonists of the Tales for Irene (Sarnus, pp. 64, euro 7), the colorful book signed by Enrico and Filippo Zoi. Enrico Zoi, journalist and writer, has collected in the book six stories dedicated to his daughter Irene, class' 91. "I'm very curious," he says today Irene, "When I was a child I always wanted to know something more, something never heard. And Father was always ready to invent new fairy tales ".

Author of the illustrations is Irene's brother, Filippo, a young adult belonging to the autistic spectrum with great artistic skills. Born in 1996, he already has some personal and collective exhibitions, including the recent international exhibition Art awakens the soul.

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"Enrico ", he explains Patrizio Batistini, president of the ASA association "Manages with mastery to break the 'fantastic' in everyday life, creating expectation, amazement and a sense of wonder. Filippo's drawings are imposed and impressed by the simplicity and the generosity of the colors. I had my children read fairy tales and they were literally conquered! "

"I will always love the 'children in the moon' - says the assessor Sabrina Merenda - born to put every man in front of the need to create different access codes, different keys to read, able to break infinite silences or appease terrible screams. After all, they are only the mirror of our primitive instincts or of our material immobilism, with the difference that something perceptible vibrates in them, like a soul locked in a jar, which just hesitates lifting the cap. It is up to us not to let it fly but to keep it as far as possible. Then shadows, drawings, paintings will present themselves as those unexpected results that an obvious culture can not create. Here this author unpredictably illustrates what a customary eye can not see. Meanwhile, Irene makes culture and the word consonate a world of curious riddles to solve and stories to understand. The tales they serve this, to unite two apparently distant worlds, but children of the same moon ".


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