The historic farm Palagiaccio it represents the continuity in the tradition both in the breeding of cattle and for the dairy production of this territory.

In the ancient seat of the Ubaldini It rises Historic Farm the Palagiaccio where meticulous and exclusively artisanal processes ensure high quality at km 0. The farm still represents a point of reference for Florentine agriculture, both in breeding and in milk production.

The farm has a large agricultural area where fodder and cereals are grown for the daily needs of the animals. In addition to  High Quality Mugello Milk, cheeses and dairy products are produced on the farm: unique and simple products of excellence. The farm produces fresh products and also vegetable rennet suitable for vegan diets.

All animals are born on the farm, open every year for visits by young and old, curious to experience real emotions. The products of the Palagiaccio they are distributed in the best commercial establishments; a mark of quality and safety in Tuscan excellence.

Historic Palagiaccio Farm

Via Senni, 40 int.6 50038 SCARPERIA (FLORENCE)