"We are the only pharmaceutical company in the state that plays a social role of great importance with the production of deficient drugs and cannabis for medical use, has always given its small contribution in many critical situations that have afflicted and afflict our country. . "

These are the words of Col. Antonio Medica, Director of the SCFM, following the signing of the collaboration agreement between Toscana Life Sciences Foundation (TLS) e the Defense Industries Agency (AID) for the involvement of one of its Production Units, Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant (SCFM) of Florence, in the implementation of an integrated research and development program for the production of vaccines and antibodies.

Clinical trials with monoclonal antibodies carried out by the researchers of the TLS Foundation of Siena are giving excellent results in combating the Covid-19 virus, thus opening new avenues on the front of the scientific approach, for example the hypothesis of a combination of antibodies as a possible therapy. Furthermore, preliminary results of in vivo tests (on hamsters) show that the selected monoclonal antibodies act as both a preventive and a therapeutic means.

The agreement provides for the sharing of skills, know-how and technological platforms of the two realities, aimed at specific research and development (R&D) activities, as well as the development of new R&D projects joint and the training of specialized personnel. A convention of the duration of 5 years which also aims at realization of some innovative productive assets with which to produce, in both ordinary and emergency conditions, essential drugs and vaccines to respond to any pandemics, such as monoclonal antibodies developed by TLS, or some antidotes.

"With this agreement in synergy with TLS, it completes and enhances the capabilities of the SCFM" - continues Medica - "allowing us to reconstitute a production sector, that of injectable drugs and vaccines, which is essential to serve the country in the most complete and effective way possible. This agreement will certainly gradually extend to other activities of the SCFM for the benefit of all ”.

Col. Antonio Medica during the delivery of the Gold Florin in 2018

The birth of Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant it dates back to 22 December 1832, the date on which King Carlo Alberto with a “Regio Viglietto” founded the Superior Council of the Sardinian Army, which had among its members a Chemist Pharmacist as an extraordinary member. In the same Regio Viglietto there was a need to "order, as soon as possible, the establishment of a General Chemical Pharmaceutical Laboratory".

With the "Royal Decree for the organization of the Military Chemical-Pharmaceutical Service”Dated June 26, 1853, in fact, a Military Pharmacy Depot was established in Turin with an adjoining General Chemical Pharmaceutical Laboratory, with the task of preparing all the medicines and medical materials needed for the Health Service and Military Veterinary.

In 1923 it took on the name of the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Institute, which was kept until 1976, the year in which it became MILITARY PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMICAL FACTORY, following the restructuring of the technical-industrial area of ​​the Ministry of Defense; thus it becomes an inter-agency body directly reporting to the General Directorate of Military Health in Rome.

"In 2023 we will celebrate 170 years of activity in the service of the country" - continues Medica - "Today our role is still that of producing medicines for the armed forces, and we also have a substantial quantity of orphan drugs in production every day with which they are treated over 3000 patients in Italy. Beyond this, since 2014 we have started the cultivation and distribution of Cannabis for medical use and recently we are at the forefront of the production of disinfectants for the pandemic emergency. "