Ancient Grain Flour, the winning choice of bakers [VIDEO]

The number of bakers who choose the Grani Antichi flours for their products is significantly increasing. In Florence, the Peter Pan artisan oven combines it with mother yeast.

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The bakers are increasingly choosing flour from ancient grains, Senatore Cappelli, Verna, unalamable organic grains and ground in stone in order to keep their nutritional characteristics intact.

Andrea Boccalini, Priamo Farci

"Proteins, Fats, Fibers and Minerals, and then Vitamins A, E and tocopherols" - tells Andrea Boccalini, Mona Giovannella Agricultural Company of Bagno a Ripoli - "all these nutrients are transferred into flour and then into bread. The resulting product is healthy genuine and local. "

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Each flour has its indications for sweets rather than for pizza or bread, in Florence in its oven Priamo uses these flours combined with the yeast, the result?

"It's the best that can be in the bakery field" - he says Priamo Farci, Artisan Bakery Peter Pan - Florence - "because the mother yeast is the one that has built the generations over the centuries, the one that contains the bacteria and the yeasts present in our organism. Easily digestible and not only, it facilitates it. The ancient grains, in this case ground to stone, preserve and improve the properties of the flours that are used. "

For all those who still do not know this magnificent product, in summer a Bagno a Ripoli can not miss the feast of ancient grains, a more beautiful way to know them: tasting them.

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