We can consider it a real gallery of taste, where the visitor can choose and live an immersive experience at 360 degrees in extra virgin olive oil.

Pruneti Extra-Gallery is the project / concept of Paolo and Gionni Pruneti, producers of extra virgin olive oil of excellence in the fourth generation, designed to accompany professionals, specialized journalists and above all a vast audience of local and international visitors in a journey of profound, accurate, detailed knowledge of excellent extra virgin olive oil.

“A place where you can have many experiences related to the world of oil or in any case to our products - he explains Gionni Pruneti - such as those based on iris, saffron or the Chianti Classico wine we produce. All these products revised in their usual form but also in many variations ".

Just like in one contemporary art gallery in Greve a variable combination of combinations that enhance each time i nine extra virgin olive oils Pruneti, each like a unique "picture", made of colors, scents and flavors that narrate the nuances of an extraordinary territory and one of the most dreamed of in the world.

- Pruneti oils are the central ingredients of the tasting menu with combinations designed to find the perfect pairing in every season with vegetables, cheeses, soups, meat but also biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, cocktails and much more.

A gallery really Extras, alternative, out of the ordinary, unique in its kind and where in addition to oil products such as saffron, wine, iris and many derivatives that give life to one are on display line of excellence brand Extra Gallery Pruneti, made with excellences like for example the chocolate with oil, just to mention one, but we also find many other gourmet specialties for sale in the Extra Gallery Workshop, "To bring to the table what comes from our land", to put it with Gionni Pruneti.

A space where the visitor can choose to have an intensive 360 experience, moving from theAcademy & teaching for adults and children where you can learn everything about oil through multimedia languages, sipping an iris herbal tea or an oil cocktail in the Bibliolioteca Lounge at the temple ofextra-ordinary Experience.

Here is the real “center” of the Extra Gallery where all the food and drink combinations are displayed ready for the tasting journey.

What's more, a Extra Floor, a private room equipped with kitchen and terrace designed for private events, dinners, courses for chefs and oil tastings, presentations by international guests and much more.

A private place but open to contamination with the local and international community and ready to host food and wine events but also artistic, cultural and musical events.

"We felt the need to give the word to the oil - points out Gionni - for us it is really important, as well as the search for a new semantics capable of identifying and certifying the excellence of products such as oil and made with thePruneti Oil or iris and more, since everyone is now abusing the word quality. And this often leads to consumer confusion. Here is theExtra Gallery it serves to teach how to read labels and guide people to be able to really distinguish products while respecting territories, products and buyers themselves.

Not a restaurant, but an oil academy where we move from the transfer of a culture of words toimmersive sensory experience to fix it in everyone's mind and make it so unforgettable.

"In addition to producing an oil of excellence, we have set ourselves the goal of making sure that all people can talk about it by assigning them an adequate lexicon and a tasting technique - he specifies Paul Pruneti - For this we would like to make this format replicable in the international market. A Concept Experience to be exported to top destinations in the world, variable sizes depending on the type of experience / times available to visitors, reiterating that Pruneti wants to bring its supply chain to the world, testifying the desire to be open to contamination with other realities and traditions . "