Palace of the Vicars of Scarperia back to host the party that celebrates the Mugello excellences, an event where medieval traditions meet sport gastronomy and body care, the only common thread is the good milk.

"This feast is now repeated every year" - he declares Federico Ignesti, mayor of Scarperia and San Piero - "allows you to rediscover the flavors, professionalism, tradition and quality of our Mugello products."

Immediately space for food bloggers photos and recipes that tell the farm cheeses, the choice is between a menu in American version or oriental fusion.


"This year we have had over 100 memberships" - he says Carlo Bolli, Historic Palagiaccio Farm - "between the two menus that the participants could choose, we wanted to reward the recipes where our cheeses are used to create a dessert."

From this year a special mention also for the photographic mile, the best sweet and salty dish.

all participants in the 4.0 eating lore contest

"I brought a particular recipe to the contest" - he says Sandra Pilacchi, special mention as Best Salty Dish - "Chinese ravioli, made with one pasta of 2 colors with the Tuna of Florence inside, among other ingredients. "

Many guests of exception of the contest, above all a DOC mugellana that reveals the secret to a successful kitchen.

"In the fundamental kitchen use high quality raw materials" - he says Luisanna Messeri - "the technique in fact always comes later. First the products then the technique. "

Milk and cosmetics, for those present also a live demonstration of a regenerating treatment using the company's gold leaves Giusto Manetti di Battiloro.

Mugello's milk also tells the sport, officially presented the Women's Basketball Florence, a team that in recent years has proved very popular collecting numerous achievements.

"The goal is to confirm the successes of last year" - he says Stefano Corsini, Pallacanestro Femminile Florence coach- "We will also try to compete this year to the best of qualifying for the national playoff stage. Our point of arrival is in fact the series A. "

The beautiful evening ended with the cutting of the Grand Mugello Ubaldino 2017 production, a cheese of absolute excellence that is produced and processed only in a precise period of the year.

"Production begins in autumn and ends in spring" - he says Luigi Bolli, historic farm Palagiaccio - “the aging of the Gran Mugello takes place in the Ubaldine Caves, where noble molds develop thanks to the particular temperature and humidity. This condition allows to favor the maturation, giving back to our cheese an absolute uniqueness. "