We call him with affection in Florence Pharmaceutical chemical, its history dates back to 1832, its value are the infrastructures, the processing plants, the laboratories and the proven know-how that make it the first excellence of our country. Today Florence addresses a message of choral gratitude to all the civil and military women and men who in recent years have contributed to confirm the primacy of the establishment.

Dario Nardella, Antonio Medica

"When two years ago, at this show, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Flood with the president of the Republic Mattarella - recalled the Mayor Nardella - I met some mud Angels who told me a story that I did not know and that few probably know: in the dramatic days, immediately after the flood, the factory made available the chloramine, a substance necessary to make water drinkable, and helped the Florentines by distributing medical supplies to deal with the serious emergency. On that occasion the establishment was really a great one Angel of the mud because it helped the whole city and the whole community to face a health risk, of public health, very vast "

"An acknowledgment - underlines the President of the Commission for Social Policies and Health, Health and Social Services Nicola Armentano - to an institution that has given the opportunity, to many, to continue to have a normal life as told by Beatrice during the ceremony that took place in the Salone dei Cinquecento, a true and authentic testimony in her moving and touching story. A prize that enhances the research to the competence and to what the pharmaceutical has done also for Florence and the Florentines during the flood. The City Council of Florence recently approved a resolution to enhance the role of the Florence military pharmaceutical plant in the research and production of "orphan" drugs for the treatment of rare diseases. We asked - adds President Armentano - to enhance and enhance the role of the military pharmaceutical plant in Florence, as a public facility, in the search for drugs for the treatment of rare diseases and to ensure the low cost availability of "orphan" drugs and other treatments for rare diseases and to adapt, if necessary, the related organization chart of the pharmaceutical establishment ensuring highly specialized personnel and the stability of human resources ".


"It would be desirable - continues the President of the Commission for Equal Opportunities, Peace, Human Rights Serena Perini - that the private sector can also contribute to guaranteeing a right to treatment that is denied because it is not commercially profitable. Thanks to pharmaceuticals and professionalism this is possible and many citizens can smile and hope to have, even if they are women, a motherhood like Beatrice ".

"We hope - concludes the chairman of the Cosimo Guccione Labor Commission - that the conferment of the Fiorino d'Oro help bring new staff and guarantee the turnover of the present one "

The florentine pharmaceutical chemical plant in addition to offering a prompt and secure response to the needs of the armed forces, confirms its structure of excellence in the field of production research to support rare diseases.