A ceremony in Piazza Massimo d'Azeglio 35. The place chosen is the one in front of the house that hosted the Italian writer, gastronome and literary critic for many years, author of the famous book on cooking that has become a real model. "The science of cooking and the art of eating well" was published in 1891 and has had 111 editions, with over one million copies sold.

Present the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany Eugenio Giani, the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Florence Cristina Giachi, the mayor of the Municipality of Forlimpopoli Milena Garavini e Luisanna Messeri, promoter of the initiative and pop cook of TV, 'Marietta' ad honorem (the highest recognition given to those who promote the name and figure of Artusi in the world) and author of the book "The stories of #Artusi”(Published by Giunti) in which he reconstructs the existence of Pellegrino step by step, underlining his active role in the cultural life of the capital Florence.


The historian also intervened Zeffiro Ciuffoletti e Luciano Artusi, there is also a representative of the regional union of Tuscan chefs (president Roberto Lodovichi), the Florentine Chefs Association (president Massimiliano Catizzone), the Florence - Confcommercio restaurant association (president Marco Stabile), the Venerable Confraternita de 'Quochi and a representation of the Tuscan hotel establishments.

“Artusi was truly a precursor character of what storytelling is today, the story that does not consist only of a simple list of doses, ingredients and procedures, he has told us much more and perhaps for this reason he has remained over time. When could one ever think once that whoever wrote a book would remain famous for so many years; and once the rights to the book ran out, everyone started publishing his cookbook, ”he comments Leonardo Romanelli, writer and journalist.

“If you ask our chefs for their favorite dish, I am sure they will never tell you a starred dish but will quote simple dishes from grandma or mother. The kitchen belongs to women, we try to recapture it ”, comments the chef and writer Luisanna Messeri.

"The" Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well "is a book that was placed in the brides' trousseau, like the sheets and tablecloths, of course with the intention of making the child eat well", he specifies Luciano Artusi, writer and historian of Florentine traditions.

For the occasion, the Tuscan chefs have prepared many original recipes taken from the Artusi Recipe Book.

“This one I made is recipe no. 374 on Liver Pan taken from the Artusi manual consisting of toasted brioche bread, Vin Santo del Chianti jelly, liver loaf and sweet and sour Certaldo onion ", illustrates Liliana Stredie, Association of Tuscan Chefs.

The Artusi manual still represents the reference point today for all those who want to approach the world of cooking.