Quick and concrete, looking to the future from the past. The official nature of the reconfirmation of Vincenzo Montella arrives directly from the United States in the evening but was, as they say, in the air and had it not been for the absence of the coach still on vacation it would have happened before. The first moves of Mr Rocco they are very American, in the decision-making sense. After the "surprise", as he himself had called it, of the tour in the States so the new owner took other decisions in a clear way.

Starting with the elimination of the possible problem Moena, given that the viola will also be present in the second week of the retreat with part of the squad, in addition to the national and the most promising youths of the Spring, while the other half of the team will play in America. With the return of Daniele Pradè, logic prevailed together with humility, repeatedly declared by Commisso, in appearing in a new reality like that of Italian football. This explains the confirmation of Montella, flanked by the director (together since the times of Rome) with whom he had obtained the best results thanks to a team expertly built even with the contribution of Macia.

Decisive, then, in the end of the report was the error of evaluation on Gomez, the last investment of the Della Valle. Like the previous time, Pradè arrives at Corvino's place. In the sign of caution also the choice to maintain the structure of the youth sector with Professor Vergine still at the top. Grade rooms Giancarlo Antognoni, in a more operational role, dealing with football. With him, probably, also Batigol to suggest from South America the next young center forward to disgrace to make this Fiorentina capable of making its fans dream no longer repressed in their ambitions.