It has been out in bookstores for a few days Sweet Florence & Tuscany. The sweet side of our country, the book of Veronica Triolo, which explains where to find, in Tuscany, the best pastry chefs, the most characteristic desserts and ice creams and, if that weren't enough, with original recipes and also many stories of life. Stories and delicacies that involve famous restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors and hotels but also cooking schools, period residences, B & Bs, catering and everything that revolves around the world of sweets and hospitality.

Sweet Florence & Tuscany, published by Nuova Editoriale Florence Press, is a project born before and during the lockdown, where the protagonists of the book - like the author - are not only Tuscan, but come from many other parts of Italy (such as the group of incredible Sicilian representatives; the Bolognese pastry chef who moved out of love and opened a laboratory etc. etc.) and an Austrian pastry chef, an American cake designer, a Japanese pastry chef and so on also answer the call.

Among the many names that appear in the book, we find Karime Lopez of "Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura", with his Purple Rain that is inspired by Tuscan lavender which, when dried, takes on an even more intense color, and which Karime interprets in a perfect sorbet, served with coconut cream and toasted coconut and a very light lavender meringue. "The Good News" is that at the Grand Hotel Minerva, the Executive Chef Tommaso Calonaci has set up a "minimal and free" kitchen line and Pastry Chef Matilde Morandi follows the step perfectly, putting all her femininity, creativity in her desserts and desire to amaze.


Among the pages we also find the love story of Ilaria and Giulio from “Dolci e Dolcezze” in Florence, and much more. In addition to the Florentine capital, talents also stand out in the rest of the region: Paolo and Andrea Sacchetti from the Nuovo Mondo pastry shop in Prato and the new "Franco-Tuscan" pastry project, the leavened products by Beatrice Volta, from the "Come una volta" pastry shop in Quarrata , the Sienese sweets and the Bavarian cream with basil and vanilla and apricot jelly by Antonio and Federico Betti from the pastry shop "Peccati di Gola" in Siena, and the flavor of the bread by Daniel Lunardi from "Lievitarily" in Viareggio, which will remain etched in your lies forever.

Tuscany emerges once again as the flagship region of knowing how to do (because it brings together excellence in all sectors) of knowing how to be (being Tuscan or inhabitants of Tuscany is being open and citizens of the world) of knowing how to share (that is to have that desire to share the beauty and the good). This is because Tuscany was chosen by all of them as the Region where they can make their dreams come true, also allowing confectionery products to undergo an intriguing contamination of recipes, cultures and "visions".

Le recipes dedicated to readers, in a simplified version, are queued up: signature desserts, biscuits, leavened products and gourmet ice creams, which you can easily make at home, such as the Panna cotta with verbena and Tonka beans with pineapple and basil from the "Four Seasons "Of Florence, or the Sablè of dark chocolate, fleur de sel and rosemary from Forno Pintucci, the vegan log with hazelnuts by Paola D'Orefice from the B&B Paradiso n.4 in Siena, the Bavarian with Greek yogurt and strawberries from La Bottega di Paris in Florence, the Crema di Santa Fina by Sergio Dondoli and the Pan co 'santi from the Forno Moderno in Certaldo, the Plum Cake with Matcha Tea from the Antica Torre in Via Tornabuoni n.1, and many others.

The introduction of the book enriches the introduction of the book, with different and complementary visions, the special contributions of the TV presenter Roberta Capua, the director of the Brera Art Gallery, James M. Bradburne, by the starred chef Vito Mollica and the "gastronaut" Davide Paolini.

Veronica Triolo Roman by birth and Florentine by adoption, Veronica Triolo has gained important experiences in marketing and communication for Italian and foreign companies.
Passionate about sweets and chocolate, she appreciates refined tastes and combinations, able to stimulate the perception of the palate and other senses. Due to this “sweet” inclination he has also worked for confectionery companies, starred chefs and well-known Italian and French pastry chefs.
Author of the blog also follows, with enthusiasm, themes of art and culture.

The cover, and all internal illustrations, are the work of the well-known English illustrator, Ian P. Benfold Haywood who interprets, with the grace of a gentleman, the “Dolce” Toscana ”with its wild train where sweets, ice cream and bread dance.

The book is translated into English by Mary Rose Tiberi, to allow the many foreign visitors to read it and to spread it abroad.