Francesca da rimini, Pia de 'Tolomei e Beatrice are the three perhaps most contemporary female figures in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy that inspired the stylist e costume designer international, but Florentine by adoption, Regina Schrecker for the realization of the three dresses that will participate yesterday September 14th in Dante in Jazz, the show dedicated to Dante's infirm Alessandro Calonaci and made together with the guitarist Giulio Stracciati which took place on the churchyard of the church of San Filippo Neri. The evening was part of one of the events of the festival "Summer with Creati-Vita: Dante one of us" promoted byCultural Association Creati-Vita.

"It was a show based on the 'search for the right way' that Dante faces with Virgil" - he says Calonaci - “I have proposed some of the most famous songs of the canticle, the leitmotif is the bewilderment that grips Dante at that precise moment of his life and by human miseries both described in the characters of sinners condemned to eternal flames, and evoked by his intimate search for revenge. "

“These three dresses underline the importance and admiration Dante has dedicated to women, he explains Regina Schrecker - already then recipients of unjust coercions and to that Love 'that redeems everything, redeems, transforms'. Three contemporary figures, therefore, who represent the injustices and suffering, but also the prejudices that women have always faced: from the arranged marriage already as children, to the forced cohabitation and lived in solitude once married, up to the terrible violence, which often ends in femicide, as in the case of Pia dei Tolomei and in that, combined with the murder, of Francesca da Rimini. Beatrice - concludes the designer - strengthened by her role as Dante's protector and a symbol of resilience, moral strength and righteousness, shows herself calmly in her ethereal dress that resembles a cloud kissed by the sun ”.