Le Mugello excellence they make an exceptional trip to Trentino. They are in fact following the Fiorentina in withdrawal a Moena. The colleague writes Paolo Guidotti in an article on "The nation". Here he specifies that "managing the food and drink section of theInViola Fan Village they have been called the Mugellan chef Cristian Borchi e Alessio Fantechi, which involved a series of companies, agri-food and otherwise, from Mugello as well as from Val di Sieve. "

In Moena also the cheeses of the arrived Palagiaccio, the coffee machines of the Marzocco of Scarperia and San Piero; Mugello Sistemi he was in charge of the management of the cash registers. Ruffino has provided the wines e Gerini with cold cuts. And then there are the tortelli mugellani de La Fiorita, while the artisan knives of Saladini and Fontani of Scarperia will be used to cut the steaks that have been sprinkled to perfection sent by Firenzuola Agricultural Cooperative. All this for the joy not only of the players and the staff, but also of the many fans who will come to watch the training. The retreat, which began last July 6, will conclude the 21.

Perhaps a word game of course, but the Florentine is suitable for Fiorentina. Those of Mugello though. Adriano Borgioli, dean of Mugello farmers and breeders, reported the news to me, not without satisfaction. It means once more, he states, that the Mugello product is gaining recognition from the consumer.

The presence in Moena is a phenomenal promotional vehicle. It will implement a further virtuous circle.

“But be careful - explains Borgioli - What has started and must proceed, in general, is a two-way path: consumer and farmer must both contribute to it. The first, more than the right, has the duty to know the characteristics and origin of what he eats and drinks. And this beyond certain banalities, so to speak, from a label. 'Produced and packaged' is an ambiguous concept. Sometimes you investigate and discover that what you bought, in Mugello, they only packed it ”.

“There is still a long way to go, but in the meantime we are beginning to look with a different eye, for example, at certain 'strong discounts'. And wondering how a fuel oil sold at the price of a tenth of motor oil can be made! "

“But a farmer and breeder can no longer just cultivate or raise. Times have changed. It must meet the consumer. Inform him about his work and his products by participating in fairs, market exhibitions. Initiatives such as Open stables they are of great importance to both. Also on the social level. Think about how positive it can be for a family, for a group of friends, to spend a day in the countryside, in the open air, to know and make known how a farm works. Understanding how much work, how much professionalism, how much passion is behind a healthy lunch. And exquisite. "