Saturday 11 May the Hermitage of Montesenario, an ancient convent near Vaglia from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Tuscany (opening photo), will be the site of an afternoon dedicated to culture and music. The organization is due to the Minor Order of the Servants of Mary.

The Convent of Montesenario

A press release announces a cultural round table: "it will start at 16.00 and will feature several scholars: Prof. Luigi Zangheri with his report 'Pratolino, the garden of wonders', the teachers Gabriele Baldi e Roberto Parenti that will lead us through 'Acqua e Boschi di Monte Senario for the Parco di Pratolino'.

It will conclude with the musical moment entrusted to the Ensemble constituted by the Masters Roberta Malavolti Landi e Filippo Martini to the violins, Caterina Paoloni to violet, Laura Gorkoff to the cello and the soprano Sumiko Okawa. "


Sabrina Malavolti Landi is a clarinetist and established musicologist. In June he will become President of Mugello Rotary Club. He has edited and explained the music program. "The invitation" explains me "came from Father Ferdinando Perri and by Prof. Niccolò Niccolai. They involved personalities who are currently studying Montesenario in various ways: historical, artistic, hydrogeological, archaeological ... It will therefore be a very interesting meeting.

Roberta and Sabrina Malavolti Landi

As for the musical program, "continues Sabrina," it is the result of research especially on composing music for the Villa di Pratolino. Giovan Pietro Manenti he wrote "Li Pratolini" in the 1586. He was a madrigal at 5 voices that my sister Roberta arranged for voice and quartet. "The dance of the Grand Duke" di Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck takes a madrigal that was executed by the Camerata de 'Bardi in the 1589. The occasion was the wedding of Christine of Lorraine with Ferdinand I. "

And his name is Camerata de 'Bardi also the Ensemble that will perform these music, 430 years later. The concert is sponsored by the Municipality of Vaglia, it avails itself of the collaboration of the Pro Loco Vaglia and the Unicoop Members section of Borgo San Lorenzo and the contribution of the Banco Fiorentino - Mugello, Impruneta, Signa. The cultural evening will take place in the Sala Santa Maria of the Hermitage of Monte Senario; free admission, subject to availability.