In Florence, at the intersection of via dei Serragli and via Santa Monaca, we find the Tabernacle of Canto alla Cuculia; at one time this area of ​​the city was full of gardens where it was possible to listen to the song of the cuckoos, at the time a noble and auspicious symbol.

This historical detail was the starting point for the restaurant's name Roberta Del Prete e Oliver Betancourt, "Cuculia”In fact, a cozy room in the Oltrarno where nothing is left to chance in the kitchen.

The occasion is the preview presentation of their new winter menu: a mix of creativity and good taste, where Roberta and Oliver (life and work companions) serve dishes every day where the contrasts, the crunchiness and the aromas dialogue perfectly with the taste .

"I come from a culture where it is nice to be at the table," - explains Roberta - "I have southern origins, for me hospitality and conviviality are a plus that I want to keep alive."

Oliver Betancourt, Chef
Oliver Betancourt

The dishes designed and prepared by Oliver, a whimsical chef of Venezuelan origin, on the table are transformed into real works of art, thanks also to Roberta's attention and artistic skill: the use of the raw material blends perfectly with the choice of color in the composition that is always original and pleasant.

During dinner the seafood dishes alternate with those of the land in a continuous embrace: the “Avogado roll with octopus marinated in ceviche and orange sauce"Follows the"Mediterranean beef tartare with olive wood smoking”, An original and characterful dish and a refreshing interlude, a contemporary gourmet cuisine that amazes in every detail.

In a firm voice and calm tone Roberta meticulously describes each dish as if it were a work of art, a moment that really helps me understand the most intimate origin of every gastronomic creation.

A heady scent accompanies the arrival of the "Cuttlefish ink pasta tortelli stuffed with cod with squid stew”, Perhaps one of the highest points of the evening's menu, almost a single dish where the most interesting nuances of a story by the sea are found.

Venezuela and Oliver's quest for summer arrive in the "Monkfish in plantain leaf, vegetable concassé, coriander, papaya and mango”A dish that the chef has managed to keep delicate and balanced; the fish is cooked perfectly and the combination with exotic fruit gives the palate an unmistakable character.

I recommend the restaurant Cuculia to all those who want to have an immersive experience in contemporary cuisine, a place where food and art come together in dishes with a delicate character and unexpected flavor.