Mental health pays a very high price to the pandemic: recent scientific studies have in fact sanctioned that, since the beginning of the health emergency, depressive symptoms in the Italian population have almost quintupled and social isolation, fear of contagion affect these. unfortunately also having lost a relative or friend due to the disease.

Last but not least the economic crisis and the consequent general impoverishment. So what can we do to try to get back to health and regain our psychophysical balance?

Giovanna Cardini, physiotherapist

"The first thing to do is to try to restore slow, full diaphragmatic breathing." - he explains to me Giovanna Cardini, physiotherapist in Florence - “The second is also trying to help that tense body to relax, then listen to where the tensions are concentrated and try to dissolve them in those points. Then it is necessary to train all five senses, not just sight, in fact hearing, taste, smell and touch must also be exercised. "


To overcome fears and anxieties it is therefore important to find your mind-body balance, even with the help of a few simple tips.

"It is important to go back to doing the things we like, even the trivial ones like a simple foam bath"

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