A telephone number to contact for help with paying bills or rent, shopping, supporting medical examinations, purchasing digital tools to follow distance learning. It is the initiative "For a more supportive tomorrow"Launched by Coordination of Misericordie Area Fiorentina to support the new growing poverty, increasing due to the pandemic emergency. The project is made possible thanks to the generous donation of a family (who wants to remain anonymous), who specifically wanted to allocate it "to works in favor of families affected by the consequences of the health emergency also on a social and economic level".

The toll-free number 055.4282770 will be active from 6 April, on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 15 pm: an operator will collect the needs of people and families residing in the province of Florence, fill in a form with information on the user, the needs, the urgency of the intervention. The requests will be collected every day at 15 pm by the Coordination that will manage them, according to priorities, directing them to the individual associations competent for the territory, to better respond to specific needs, offering a personalized solution, case by case.

"We thank the family that with their generosity has allowed us to start this important project that offers a network service between the Misericordie, enhancing what our associations already do, without duplication, if anything, enhancing resources and opportunities" says the president of the Misericordie Coordination of the 'Florentine area Andrea Ceccherini. "We have called it 'For a more supportive tomorrow', wanting to evoke a help made concrete, anonymously, for those who have no chance."

"The project aims to support users and families who, due to the Covid-19 emergency, find themselves facing moments of particular fragility and economic hardship, thus changing their living conditions and well-being, and it is a additional service in addition to that of food parcels and medical services that our 42 Misericordie already offer ”explains Enrico Sardelli, director of the Coordination. "Needs have changed, and we try to respond to the new needs that the pandemic brings out: years ago, for example, having wi fi was considered a luxury, now it is essential to allow children to follow Dad".

According to the 2021 report of the Caritas of the diocese of Florence (to which the Coordination of Mercies of the Florentine Area collaborated), between mid-April 2020 and February 2021, attendance at Caritas increased by 10,8% compared to the pre-pandemic period. they went from 28.982 to 32.116, while the number of people who presented themselves to services rose by 42%, from 22.069 to 31.531. Almost 9 thousand (27,8% of the total) are "new poor", people who have entered the Caritas circuit for the first time (before Covid they were 6.923 equal to 23,9% of the total) and the Italians pass from 22% to 26%.