What does Chianti want to do? Chianti Economic Forum talks about it

Chianti Economic Forum, 4.0 Industry. Innovation and internalization, new tools to face the challenges of the future President Andrea Ciani: "the conference is an occasion to reflect on the health of the Chianti production sector, we intend to stimulate businesses and local administrations to equip themselves with tools to understand and anticipate changes related to the digital transition, energy and globalization ".

Il Chianti, 'terroir' creative that generates culture of doing and loves to travel across the border, with a gaze fixed on the mirror of the world, try to look away and imagine their future. The challenges and strategies, put on the net by the Chianti brand, analyzed by institutions, public and private subjects, economic operators and entrepreneurial realities, are at the center of a specific forum that will be held on 11 October in the spaces of the Antinori Wineries in Chianti Classico from 14 at 20 it will host a round table with the involvement of some of the most significant experts in the sector, among economists, entrepreneurs particularly linked to the manufacturing and agri-food sector, university professors and researchers, representatives of the public administration, exponents of trade unions, journalists.

It is the first edition of the Chianti Economic Forum, an opportunity for discussion, exchange and analysis on possible scenarios, hypothesized by a large parterre of special observers, welcomed in the belly of the hill, in the prestigious venue Antinori del Bargino. Immersed in the contemporary architecture and in the ancient tradition of wine culture, the goal is to create a window on tomorrow to revive the Chianti production sector and identify the most appropriate and necessary tools to export sustainable quality and local excellence in the market global.

The double track that combines innovation and internationalization of local businesses is the leitmotif of the conference, set up with the aim of monitoring the health status of the Florentine Chianti economic system, discussing the future developments of its manufacturing sector in the context of Industria 4.0 . The event is sponsored by the University of Florence and the Department of Economics and Business, as well as by the Unione Comunale del Chianti Fiorentino, and includes among the partners ChiantiBanca, Cantine Antinori in Chianti Classico, CoMETA, WeChianti, Metallarte-Lippert Components.

With a rural soul, that of the Florentine countryside, which opens and reflects on the opportunities, roles and prospects of the 21st century economy, increasingly digital and attracted by the internationalization processes that strengthen the brand of a territory, known in the whole world, capable of networking, intent on building new spaces in the market through the enhancement of local identity.

What does the Chianti area want to do, or better how it intends to face its growth path in the framework of the international economic scene? It is the question that the "Chianti Economic Forum", The organizing association, born non-profit in the 2018, places, in the form of dialogue and reflection, the economic actors of all the Chianti region in a complex historical moment that tends, by nature and vocation, to change quickly and embrace a constant and rapid transformation of the productive sectors.

"The element of innovation and the strength of this event - explains Andrea Ciani, president of the Chianti Economic Forum and professor of economics at the University of Florence and that of Düsseldorf - are linked to the broad and collective spirit of an event that wants to field the needs and potential of the entire Chianti production sector; Considering the strength of the 'Chianti' brand, the territory is an added value that every company benefits, regardless of the sector of activity, both in wine making and in manufacturing ".

The idea is also to not be limited to an occasional event but to set up an initiative of international importance in the Chianti congress agenda. "We believe it can translate into an annual event - adds the president - capable of analyzing the future of the Chianti economic system, stimulating businesses and local administrations to equip themselves with tools to understand and anticipate the changes related to the digital transition, energy and globalization ".

Chianti, rich and heterogeneous heritage, characterized by a mosaic of resources ranging from naturalistic beauties to historical-artistic treasures, from sustainable culture models to architectural emergencies and the know-how of peasant and artisan tradition, can not guarantee a future by betting only on past and settling on this impressive legacy. "The fact that Chianti is a healthy area today - he concludes - does not guarantee us that it is for the next decades: we must be prepared and able to innovate and work together to make the best use of the opportunities that the global market can offer, avoiding to be crushed ".

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