In these days when the government has asked everyone not to leave the house (unless there are proven reasons) and the gyms have closed their doors, the PFC Academy, Personal Fitness Coach training school of excellence directed by Luca Ruggeri, proposed a truly commendable initiative: the inauguration of one free online gym run by the best Personal Fitness Coaches throughout Italy.

"At this time so difficult and devoid of reference points, as a Personal Fitness Coach we came up with a sort of electrocution: organizing live broadcasts on FB to train people from home, all for free" - he says Domenico Neri, PFC contact person for Florence and instructor at the Ricciardi gym.

In fact, for some days it has been possible to access "Train with Personal Fitness Coaches", Facebook group open to all, and freely follow the direct videos to the PFC certified.


"The PFC it is more than a Personal trainer, we have followed an advanced training course in the academy to offer a targeted physical training that is closely related to the lifestyle. It is a constant study, we meet once a month to update ourselves ", explains Domenico.

An initiative within everyone's reach that was immediately a great success, also thanks to a detailed report weekly and daily fitness program for training (divided, as in a real gym, in various courses including core, tonic, functional, cardio, pilates, etc.). In this way anyone can, once connected to the social page, dedicate some time to physical activity and, no less important factor, feel less alone.

"In a week we have reached more than 9000 registrations, it is going really well." - adds Domenico - “We are one hundred PFC and we make ourselves available for free for three, four hours a day. For me it is beautiful and it is as exciting as the first day of school because I realize that it is new, I am offering a great service and it is nice to receive so many appreciations and still feel close at a time like the one we are experiencing. "

Photo by Domenico Neri.