La Count Guicciardini, historic Tuscan winery that includes three estates for a total of 210 hectares of vineyards divided into: Castle of Poppiano (140 has in the Chianti Colli Fiorentini), Mandorlaia boulders (60 has in Morellino di Scansano) e Belvedere Campóli (10 has, which will become 15, in Chianti Classico), toasts to one exceptional harvest and prepares for an 2020 full of novelties.

To illustrate the trend of the 2019 season and future projects is the same Count Ferdinando Guicciardini, since the 1964 at the helm of this historic company, which has its roots in the middle of the Middle Ages. In fact, a document relating to a division of inheritance dates back to the 1199, which shows that even then the Castle of Poppiano belonged to the Guicciardini family.

“This year - explains Ferdinando Guicciardini - we had one harvest out of the norm for the quality of the grapes. If at the beginning of the summer the climatic trend had aroused some concern, the situation then improved substantially and at the time of harvest our grapes turned out to be very healthy and of high quality. Quantitatively, we produced a little less than in 2018, and this naturally benefits quality. The sugar content was optimal and now we hope that the polyphenols play their role well, giving the right balance to our wines. Of all this we will obviously have confirmation in the coming months but, as we said, the first impressions after the harvest are excellent: 'perhaps the best since 1199', if I can allow myself a joke ”.

Moreover, the excellent 2019 harvest comes after demanding years. “In the past there have been years that have presented some complexity”, continues Ferdinando Guicciardini. “For example, 2017, as you can remember, was the year of the great drought, and this produced wines that were very rich in alcohol content, therefore with a more difficult balance to achieve. In 2019, however, the climate, with the right summer rainfall but sunny and dry before and during the harvest, created an exceptionally positive situation ".

Forty collaborators are involved in the three estates of the Conte Guicciardini Company. Different types of wines are produced from vintage and ready-to-drink wines, to Reserves and Grand Selection of Docg wines, up to proposals of IGT wines che leaves the traditional denominations to best express the individual style of the producer as well as the link with the territory of origin: “We have 7 DOCG labels - specifies Ferdinando Guicciardini - e 5 Quality Igt. We always work looking to the future: year after year we aim to perfect, with targeted interventions, the various stages of production starting from the planting of the new vineyards to finish at the cellar. We never forget that we are exclusively producers, therefore fully responsible for our quality, from the planting of the vine up to the bottle "

At the level of marketing, they are gradually opening up new prospectives. "Currently - explains Ferdinando Guicciardini - 40% of our wines are distributed on the domestic market and 60% abroad. The most important reference country for exports is still the United States, followed by Germany, other European countries and even Russia. We are closely following the Chinese market, which has opened up over the past five or six years, has evolved rapidly but is still stabilizing. The overseas tourist areas, South America and in particular Brazil should be explored as possible new outlets. As for the domestic market, we must bear in mind that Italy is one of the largest wine producers in the world, sales are very regionalized and competition is very strong. So if the presence on the national market certainly remains important for the affirmation of the 'brand', however, it is clear that exports remain fundamental for development. As for the commercial channels, for us the main one has always been HORECA, in particular wine bars and specialized shops, while some wines can also be found in large-scale distribution with dedicated labels ”.

Another channel in continuous development is that of direct sales. “Visits from customers and enthusiasts are increasing, and consequently sales in the company”, confirms Ferdinando Guicciardini. Wine tourism is growing and this situation represents a driving force for the novelties in the program. “For this reason, we have planned to strengthen accommodation facilities to best accommodate the tourists who come to visit us, both in the historic Castello di Poppiano estate on the Florentine hills, and in the Belvedere Campóli estate, in the Chianti Classico area. But we don't stop here. We are launching ours Wine Club, an invitation to all lovers of our wines that will offer the possibility of accessing exclusive services. A way to stay up to date on our activities and therefore, in a certain sense, become part of our family ".

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