Ciano the Brescia area Ruben Spezzati the winner of the final of the sixth edition de The Comedy Factory.Com Comici or Miseria which took place last night at the Teatro La Laudi in Florence. The final phase of the national cabaret competition, organized by the SPManagement ACS Art Culture Show and entered this year in the program ofFlorentine Summer, took place under the banner of laughter but also of motions.

Eight finalists from the two semi-finals: Ruben Spezzati of Brescia, Alessandro Cannalire from Milan, Mauro Busti from Perugia, Donato Bini di Cannara (Perugia), Ilaria Berti of Trieste, Christina Pecora the American comedian from California, Giovanni Greco of Power e Nico Pelosini of Rosignano Solvey (Livorno). They were also joined Gabriella Canale of Ostuni (Brindisi), admitted to the final by unquestionable judgment of the organizers.


Their performances were judged both by the technical jury composed of opinion leaders, journalists and show business personalities and by the public jury composed of those who participated during the two semifinals of the initiative Make yourself a Selfie and that were the protagonists of the most funny and funny selfies.

In addition to the winner Ruben Spezzati, second came Giovanni Greco of Potenza, in art Giovix, third instead Donato Bini of Cannara (Perugia) who was awarded the al Smile Award.

Il Audience Jury Award he went to Mauro Busti of Perugia while Alessandro Cannalire of Milan won the Radio765 Award.

For the best, this final is also a springboard for their career in the entertainment world and the chance to participate in the casting of the most important TV talent as happened to other competitors of the previous editions.

During the final evening, the prize was awarded to the winner of the web contest Mappeddavvero who, on the website of the organization, put the eliminated back into the game through a vote of the web people. This year, with about 20.000 views from June to late August the winner was Nicola Pazzi of Pisa that on the stage of the Teatro Le Laudi has performed crazy with his gags together with his fantastic Nonna Giovanna, true revelation of the final.

The three drivers of the final are also very good, one of the novelties of this edition. Stefano Baragli, historical presenter de The Comedy Factory, with Comici or Miseria, Angela Label, television program presenter But what goodness on Teleregione, journalist and author, e Piero Torricelli, author, actor, director presented the evening with professionalism and lots of fun.

But the evening gave the audience so many emotions when it went up on stage Brando Delaiti, an excellent musician of 14 years, a true talent of the musical world. Brando is fourteen years old and is an autistic boy but, despite his disability, he studies the alto saxophone, the classical, modern and jazz guitar and the jazz and modern piano. He has participated in numerous competitions and reviews receiving awards and mentions. His performance with the alto saxophone excited everyone and received very warm applause. At the end of the exhibition the vice president of the City Council of Florence, Maria Federica Giuliani, rewarded him with the Young Talents Award 2019, another novelty of this edition, with which the organizers want to reward from now on a young talent from the entertainment world, who has distinguished himself for his abilities in artistic expressions in specific sectors such as music, theater, dance.

Finally, the two historic awards of the event were presented. To the designer Regina Schrecker was delivered on City of Florence Award with which the organizers want a character from the world of entertainment, art and culture, who stood out for his professional skills, and citizens who, in the social sphere, stood out for the common good of the city of Florence. Internationally renowned designer Regina Schrecker has always been attentive to social issues. In the 1984 h he collaborated with Prof. Veronesi on the TV show "Una rosa per la vita", in "Evening of honor" for Unicef, becoming its testimonial, he collaborated with his collections on calendars for the ATT, DEDRA which collects funds for a genetically rare disease, bullous epidermolosis, also called "butterfly children syndrome", at the Dragon Boat Festival, an event created by the IBCPC (International Breast Cancer Paddler's Commission), which involves teams of women, but also men, operated on of breast cancer and who dedicate themselves to this discipline as a post-operative rehabilitation activity, organized and promoted by the Florence Association in Rosa Onlus.

To the actor, director and author Renato Raimo went the Art, Culture and Entertainment Award that, from the first year of the event, awards a character from the world of entertainment, art and culture, who has distinguished himself for his professional skills, for the common good of the entertainment world in artistic and cultural and social forms. Renato Raimo has received numerous artistic awards, including the Vigata Award with the jury chaired by Andrea Camilleri, the Massimo Troisi Award, he is defined as a versatile actor and director in the roles of cinema, theater and television. Always attentive to social issuesi, received in the 2018 the Honorable Mention at the 69 edition of the Montecatini International Short Film Festival as best actor in the film "Cerco le Parole". Ambassador for the Fai Fondo Ambiente Italiano, is called as tutor in the 2019 on Rai 2 in the transmission No sooner said than done.