Valentina Tocci, passionate about herbs and natural remedies since she was a child, today creates certified organic body care products free of harmful substances for the environment. Valentina Tocci, passionate about herbs and natural remedies since childhood, today creates body care products certified organic and free of harmful substances for the environment. Her passion is herbs and their uses; since she was a child, Valentina accompanied her grandmother in the collection of wild flowers and herbs which later became natural remedies for the whole family. "I have always had an inordinate passion compared to those that are the ancient remedies of the grandmother, to all the herbs of the field" - he says Valentina Tocci, owner of the Officina dei Saponi in Prato, which with great professionalism has been creating excellent organic products for years for face, body and hair care. At the end of his studies in medical biotechnology, he moved to Prato and, after the birth of his daughter who suffers from skin intolerances, he committed himself to finding natural solutions for his loved ones.

“Both my husband and daughter have skin problems, suffer from allergies, dermatitis and there was nothing that could alleviate these problems, especially those of the child ". This need pushes Valentina to research and then to the realization of cosmetic products that, at least initially, are born in an absolutely domestic way. "And then we started making soap for us, for the family, we started giving it to friends, relatives, acquaintances and we saw that there was a good response, they were all happy".

Thus began a path that led Valentina to start a real laboratory artisan bio-cosmetics. “Everything is controlled by a controlled supply chain” - continues Valentina - “Starting from extra virgin olive oil which is certified organic and all the other oils that are used, the raw material which is all certified organic ".


Body creams, but also shower gel, shampoo and conditioner: all products made with selected and controlled raw materials. And then of course the bio-soaps produced with the natural saponification.

“The saponification reaction is a real chemical reaction, in which a fat is used which reacts with a strong base; we use caustic soda. Soap after mixing with caustic soda becomes a cream which is poured into the wooden molds and then left to solidify for two or three days ". The soap remains for many hours to solidify, then it is cut, packaged and left to mature for another 20 days, during which it loses excess water.

For the new one Face Line Valentina has chosen to use the fermented in synergy with organic plant extracts e hyaluronic acid to enhance the active ingredients of the products. “In the line antiaging we use the fermented damask rose and pomegranate, in the line Purifying the fermented oak and sage while in the line Moisturizing of mastic and myrtle ".

The products of Soap Workshop they are all handcrafted, certified Organic and vegan and free of substances harmful to health and the environment.