It is a black pig of ancient origins, probably already bred at the time of the Etruscans, and its coat is characterized by a sort of lighter belt at the height of the front shoulders. We are talking about the Cinta Senese, an almost extinct animal that only in the nineties, in the wake of a general approach to more natural consumption, has it resumed to breed it in purity, respecting its evolution times and guaranteeing it conditions of breeding in the wild.

Daniele Baruffaldi, president of the Cinta Senese DOP consortium

“This animal has to move and feed like a hundred years ago. - explains Daniele Baruffaldi, president of the Consortium for the protection of Cinta Senese PDO - For example, soy is excluded from its diet because it was not there a hundred years ago in Tuscany. This product, which has different organoleptic characteristics, especially in the fat which is particularly soft and melts at only 35 degrees, is a well-known and highly sought after excellence ".

Today the demand exceeds the product supply by ten times and for this reason the Consortium for the protection of the Cinta Senese dop is looking for aspiring breeders who have at least three characteristics.


"You need a passion for nature and animals, a little good will and a large space because our disciplinary provides for a certain area available to animals: about 10 adult animals go per hectare of surface"

A great opportunity to immerse yourself in a job in contact with nature and rediscover the authentic value of our Tuscan traditions.

“For information, you need to call the Consortium and we will provide all the necessary information. Some specific notions that are not found in books are indispensable, but the Cinta Senese breeder can do it anyone ", concludes Baruffaldi.

thanks to the breeding Renieri courtesy of the images