These are days full of appointments in the calendar of celebrations for the Five hundredth anniversary of the birth of Cosimo I and Caterina de 'Medici, promoted by an organizing committee coordinated by the Municipality of Florence which involves over twenty cultural institutions in the city. The Grand Duke Cosimo I de 'Medici and the dynastic political program in the San Lorenzo complex in Florence is the conference to be held on Wednesday 11 December, at Casa Martelli Museum and Basilica of San Lorenzo. The day, during which art and architecture historians will present the results of recent research to the public, aims to highlight how the San Lorenzo complex has been permeated and shaped by the ideas and dynastic projects of Cosimo. The conference, curated by Monica Bietti and Emanuela Ferretti, is promoted by the Bargello Museums in collaboration with the Laurentian Library, the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the Laurentian Opera and the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence.

Thursday 12 December all 'Academy of Design Arts (17.30 hours) the penultimate conference of the cycle is scheduled Cosimo I Half a millennium, edited by Francesca Rachel Valle, entitled "The Jewish Qabbalah at the Court of Cosimo I De 'Medici, Allegories and Symbols in the Palazzo Vecchio". During the conference we will talk about how the court of Cosimo and Eleonora of Toledo was characterized by a closeness to the Jewish world and in particular to the philosophy and Jewish theological reflection. The Jewish Qabbalah will always remain in the background of the way of conceiving the world and will also be reflected in the decorative choices of Palazzo Vecchio, where a less superficial reading makes it possible to understand how different hidden or more or less manifested symbols refer to the system of the Qabbalah.

Sunday 15 December (12 hours) Sunday lectures al Palazzo Vecchio Museum with "Change your sky. Cosimo I and astrology", Edited by Francesco Gori (free admission reservation required Tel. 055-2768224 The 9 January 1537 the Senate elected the very young Cosimo, under the sign of Capricorn, the same sign that Cosimo had for ascendant; the members of the Senate were 48, as many as the constellations of Ptolemy. Cosimo was born under the sign of Gemini, but since then his sky and the course of his life would have changed forever. The 28 June of the same year, the Carmelite friar Giovanni Ristori compiled a horoscope of the young duke that would have marked his political agenda but also the entire iconographic program of Palazzo Vecchio, taken on as the new Medici residence.


Everlasting Sunday 15 (15 and 16.30 hours, free admission, to book: tel. 055-2768224) will take place "Duchessina in the monastery. Caterina alle Murate"The last of the three theatrical appointments by MUS.E and the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence, evocative of the years in which the young Caterina de 'Medici resided at the convent of the SS. Annunziata delle Murate. The "duchessina" in fact, as it was called in her youth as the daughter of Lorenzo Duca d'Urbino, was transferred from the convent of Santa Caterina to that of the Murate in 1527 and stayed here, under the custody of the abbess and nuns, until until when Florence saw the end of the siege and the restoration of Medici power in the 1530.