Chianti speaks and writes Chinese. After a very long bureaucratic procedure, the wine brand Chianti docg it has been recorded in Chinese characters and will be used for labels exported to the East. The transliteration has a phonetic very similar to the original: it is pronounced "Shiandi"

An important result obtained after a long work on the spot and after a difficult preliminary phase linked to the particular administrative complexity of the Chinese institutions.

The brand, in its translation, has a very positive meaning, especially for the sensations it manages to evoke: the first character is used to indicate an activity in favor of third parties, the second is peace and the third character is used to indicate the roots of a flower.

“It is an epochal step for the brand - comments the president of the Consorzio Vino Chianti, Giovanni Busi - which establishes its roots in the Chinese market. Thanks to an intense promotion work, Chianti DOCG wine is loved and from today it will be even more appreciated in a country that has 1,3 billion people, with a market with enormous potential. With this registration we have made an important step in our long-term internationalization project in favor of Tuscan companies. Associated companies interested in using it on their labels can apply directly to the Chianti DOCG Wine Consortium "

The Chinese market confirms itself as a favorable terrain for wine. According to Nomisma data, there is talk of a 3,3% growth compared to last year in the export of Italian wine. For the red PDO wines of Tuscany the increase is even 11,3%.