The restoration, begun in April 2018, of a portion of 1.200 sq. M. Of the north facade of the Florence Cathedral has been completed. It will take another week to finish dismantling the building that covered the restored marble wall. The last restoration carried out on this part of the Cathedral, with the exception of the famous Porta della Mandorla which was restored between the 2002 and the 2012, dates back to the 1950s. The North facade of the Cathedral of Florence is part of the original building of the building built from the 1296, under the direction of Arnolfo di Cambio.

Before today's intervention, the facade was structurally sound as a whole, but heavily degraded in the marble elements and covered by a dark layer of variable thickness caused by atmospheric deposits. The degradation phenomena that affected the portion of the north wall of the Cathedral are those typical of the urban context in which the monuments of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore are located and the characteristics of the materials: black crust formations, surface deposits, water washout rain and polluting and corrosive substances with the consequent mutation of the original surface up to the loss of entire portions of modeling, fractures, micro-fractures and biological alteration, both fungal and bacterial.

The restoration, carried out by the Leonardo srl company commissioned by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, involved pre-consolidation, cleaning, consolidation, removal of no longer suitable fillings and remaking of new fillings. The cleaning operations, defined with accurate tests also necessary to determine the contact time with the marble surface, saw the alternation of various methodologies for each type of degradation present in order to restore the marbles to their original colors while respecting the patina historical. For the remaining part of the north facade, including the Porta dei Cornacchini, restoration work will resume in 2020.

The restoration of the north wall of the Cathedral is part of the maintenance program of the monuments of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore which also includes the cleaning and restoration of all external marble facades for a total of 40 thousand square meters of surface. Currently various interventions are underway both inside and outside the monuments, including the restoration of the internal walls of the Baptistery, whose end is foreseen in the 2020, after that in October of the 2016 ended that of the eight external facades, of the roofs and of the lantern.