Caterina de 'Medici and French cuisine, between legends and reality: between Sunday 27 and Tuesday 29 October in the context of the Celebrations for the Five hundredth of the birth of Cosimo I and Caterina de 'Medici promoted by "500 Cosimo Caterina"The gastronomic ties between Italy and France and the myth of the table that revolves around the figure of the young Duchessina of Florence, then queen of France, will be deepened

Was Catherine really carrying the fork on the French table? And is it really up to his chefs to introduce artichokes, melons, sorbets and frangipane cream? Sunday 27 October is discussed in a meeting dedicated to the gastronomic links between Italy and France organized by Central Market of Florence together with the Municipality of Florence - UNESCO Office and MUS.E, in collaboration with the French Institute. The conference (at 17 at the Central Market) will be held by Pascal Brioist, a French historian of the Renaissance and the modern age with the introduction by Carlo Francini (Municipality of Florence) and Valentina Zucchi (MUS.E). Where: Central Market Florence, Terrace Pizzeria Duration: 1 h approx. Participation is free. Booking is mandatory. For information and reservations:

Pascal Brioist will also be among the protagonists of the special conference-dinner scheduled for Monday 28 October first all'French Institute and then to thewine shop Pinchiorri: an opportunity to taste the menu and relive the atmosphere of Caterina de 'Medici's wedding banquet which took place on 28 October at 1533 for the wedding in Marseille with Henry of Valois, the future king of France. The event is organized by the French Institute in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, MUS.E and Enoteca Pinchiorri.


A conference at the 18.30Institute French (Piazza Ognissanti, 2) will deepen the ceremonial and the menu of the wedding banquet, the musical pieces, theatrical and the dances that animated it, the preparation of the table and the presentation of the dishes. Speakers Anna-Maria Evangelista, professor of the history of cooking; Annie Féolde, chef with 3 stars of Enoteca Pinchiorri e Pascal Brioist. After the historical description, at the 20.30 on the first floor of the'Enoteca Pinchiorri (in the music room of the Hotel Relais Santa Croce) you can participate in the actual "reconstruction" of the banquet, with the tasting of dishes prepared by the Enoteca according to the original recipes. This is the menu: First course: Tart with salted anchovies, Beef tongue in fricassee and Zeppole alla Romanesca, Second course: Puff pastry confetti of animelle, Tortelletti covered with cheese, sugar and cinnamon, Eel and spinach pulp cake, Third course : Pie with pheasant, Fourth course (sweets): Candied orange and fennel, Quince frost, Marzipan biscuits, mostaccioli, Pear tart, Dried fruit cake, all accompanied by white and red wines. The evening includes a specific dress code: for women a long dress, autumn colors (orange, dark green, brown, burgundy, ocher); for men, dark suit, tie or bow tie autumn colors (orange, dark green, brown, burgundy, ocher). The musical part will be curated by the ancient music section of the “L. Cherubini ”of Florence with the Ensemble of Renaissance music for voices and instruments en âge florissant: Renaissance music for a royal wedding party. Cost of the evening: 180 €. Places are limited, reservations are required by filling in the pre-registration form (one per participant) at the link The transportation of the participants from the French Institute to the Pinchiorri Enoteca will be ensured by minibus to 19.45

Finally, the next day (Tuesday 29 October, from 17.00 to 18.30) always at the French Institute, space for children with Caterina's snack, adaptation for children of the banquet, by theHigher Secondary Institute "Chino Chini" of Borgo San Lorenzo. The appointment will see an introduction dedicated to the kitchen at the time of Caterina and a "Renaissance" dance studio curated by Francesca Goggioli. The musical part will be curated by the ancient music section of the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence.