The association of citizens Living in Valdisieve, chaired by Paolo Rosini, has recently reported to the territorial authorities, including the Municipality of Rignano sull'Arno, the Regional Command of the Carabinieri Forestali di Toscana and the Arno-Sive Municipal Police Corps, the situation of profound degradation in which many places of the Castiglionchio Valley, in particular near the homonymous farmhouse e Castiglionchio Castle, still protected by cultural heritage.

Castiglionchio Castle

“The Castiglionchio Valley is totally invaded by grass even 1 and a half meters high, partly already in the drying phase, which in the hot season represents a very serious danger of fires that could be difficult to control. - the statement reads - Centennial oak trees completely invaded by ivy and without maintenance, have branches that reach the former municipal road of Castiglionchio, representI give a danger to both passers-by and motor vehicles in case of strong wind, also because many are at risk of falling.

Unsafe light poles

The valley is also crossed by a local road which, on a monthly basis, is maintained only by the inhabitants of the area without receiving any support from the municipal administration of Rignano sull'ArnoFurthermore, the public street lighting system is almost completely non-functional. Some wooden poles that maintain the street lamps are sold and / or crumbling and at risk of falling on passers-by and ona car. The valley in the night hours results not illuminated e subject to raids by delinquents who, also in the last year, have carried out various house break-ins which have been followed by various complaints from residents ”- reads the complaint.

Centuries-old trees, unsafe broken branches

Judicial situation:

In November 2020 the online newspaper took an interest in (through this article), the landscape but also the judicial situation of the land and buildings of the Agriturismo Castiglionchio (including the Castle), which had been auctioned at a total base price of € 8.418.065.52. The editorial staff contacted the bankruptcy trustee Roberto Franceschi, with a firm in Florence, which communicated that the enforcement procedure was interrupted due to a proposal for an arrangement with creditors advanced by the executing company owning property and land, but not yet accepted, as reported by the commissioner currently in charge Sandro Carobbi with studio in Scandicci.

Following the publication (November 2020) of the complaint article for which the editorial staff of received a request for censorship to which has not given course, a timid activity of rearrangement and maintenance of the vineyards surrounding the farm and the civil dwellings was started.

However, the current situation appears far from the decor that an area of ​​such high cultural and landscape value should have. In fact, it often appears, perhaps also due to the poor maintenance of the vineyards, that some inhabitants of the area suffer landslides coming from the vineyards (above the houses) and their houses are invaded by water and debris. There are in fact absent in vineyards, drains and / or systems of canalization of excess water, and in periods of great rain and / or water bomb, important problems arise.

During our last inspection (July 2021), we also identified an at least equivocal sign that reads "Access prohibited to unauthorized persons”Posted by unknown persons in the immediate vicinity of the Castiglionchio Church, and which is probably an impediment to free access to the only place of worship in the area, a circumstance that it would violate Article 19 of our Constitution.

Church of Santa Maria in Castiglionchio

The Castiglionchio Valley, included in theArea 18 Upper Valdarno, is identified by the Tuscan regional plan as a place subject to historical landscape law restrictions and an area declared to be of considerable public interest.

In detail:

- The central part of the Area along the valley of the Castiglionchio ditch and the portion in the locality of Fattoria Mitignano and Casale Uccellare are classified as "Areas of landscape and / or historical-environmental protection "(Article 12);

- the entire area is classified as "Search areas for the establishment of parks, reserves and protected natural areas of local interest "(Article 10);

- Cultural heritage D. Lgs 42/2004 (formerly Law n. 1089/1939): Castiglionchio Castle.

- Landscape assets - Buildings and areas of considerable public interest Legislative Decree 42/2004 (formerly Law No. 1497/1939): The entire Area 4 is included in the landscape constraint DM 30.07.1974 - GU 286 of 1974 b.

- Landscape assets - Areas protected by law D. Lgs 42/2004 (formerly Law n. 431/1985): Territories covered by forests and woods Fosso di Castiglionchio and its banks for a strip of 150 meters.