When you talk about Tuscany you immediately think of the splendid territory, the hospitality and the highest quality agri-food products, values ​​that have always distinguished our region and that have led it, for years now, to the top of popularity among the tourist destinations in Italy

But perhaps not all that glitters is gold, and among the many agritourism activities in this region, there are some that struggle (not only because of the covid) and others that are in ruins. This is the case of the Castiglionchio Farm in Rignano sull'Arno, managed for years by a company headed by a local family, which was auctioned in July 2020.


It is an ancient fortified settlement of the 12th century very rich in history, probably with Etruscan origins given the discovery of some artifacts, changed hands several times from the Quona family to the noble Ricasoli Zanchini family, formerly known as "Da Castiglionchio". The famous jurist was named after this family Lapo da Castiglionchio who had used the Tower still existing as a residence-study where the family documents and parchments are still preserved.

The farmhouse is located in an uncontaminated valley on the border between the municipalities of Rignano, Pontassieve and Bagno a Ripoli, the accommodation consisting of a villa and recently built apartments, is surrounded by vineyards (37 hectares), olive groves (11 hectares) and woods (72 hectares) where you can make excursions by mountain bike or trekking to discover the places and wild animals, without forgetting that we are 10 km from Florence!

Castiglionchio, peasant civilization museum

Inside the farm there is also a museum of peasant art, a collection of material that documents the old Tuscan peasant and rural world. A real wealth of materials relevant to activities ranging from farm activities, such as cattle breeding, tillage and crops, crops, threshing to those carried out in the cellar, in the granary, in the oil mill.

Castiglionchio, the vineyards

In the last 7/8 years the managerial inability to keep up with the new tourist needs has progressively led the business to a deep crisis. This has inevitably had a negative impact on places that have undergone a progressive decay: the vineyards and olive groves are abandoned, during our inspection we were able to ascertain an almost total absence of maintenance both of the roads and of the scrub that surrounds them and the civil dwellings of the valley. Crumbling structures persist, unsafe light poles, total absence of maintenance of the large trees, which result with very extensive branches at risk of falling. The complaints of the many inhabitants of the valley and of the deruralised properties that the executing company has sold over the years are well known, which signal the abandonment and neglect.

Recall that the Castiglionchio Farm insists in the municipality of Rignano sull'Arno just 10 km from Florence, immersed in a splendid landscape, rich in wildlife and biodiversity and which certainly deserves maintenance, attention and care. The mayor of Rignano sull'Arno questioned has not yet issued any statements, and neither has the sales representative to whom the critical issues in place have been brought to the attention.

The auctioned properties are partially occupied by individuals and families who, as we know, have entered into rental agreements in July 2020 with family members of the executing company.

Properties for sale:

The hope of the many inhabitants of the area, and that the Castiglionchio Farm, can be purchased by someone who really manages to enhance every characteristic, both agricultural, cultural and historical, essential values ​​of Tuscany.