In the last weekend of September in Florence the second edition of the National Festival of Civil Economy. 'Civil economy' means an economy different from the cultural models so far dominant in the West, for a long time oriented only to pure and simple profit and not attentive to the many other variables that instead have great weight for the future of the planet and the human being.

A Charter of the values ​​of the civil economy has been defined, so to speak: the Florence Charter. The city has linked its name to a document of great significance and commitment, above all moral. The Charter explicitly refers to "a change of course" for a vision of the future which, even more so after the experience of the pandemic, will have to be more attentive to certain values ​​for a regeneration of capitalism: support the value of work and people, believe in biodiversity business forms, promoting diversity and social inclusion, enhance the company as a place of creativity and well-being, invest in education and human promotion, propose a new idea of health, cultivate respect and care forenvironment, activate young energies, innovation and new economies. These are the cornerstones of the Charter, the civil economy is this.

Some university and research circles, but also some companies, by adhering to these values ​​are deepening the meaning and implications for what we could define as a sort of investment in the future. Through the work in the company the human being is realized in his fullness, because he is the human being at the center of everything. Work and business, market and commerce therefore, but with the solid awareness that, alongside profit, we can no longer ignore the much more that is the background.

Businesses around the world have a clear goal: to grow, and maximize profit for their shareholders. For many many years, everything else was not as important. Solid theories have supported that very simple truth: get as much profit, and as quickly as possible. Absolutely legitimate.

Businesses are not charitable bodies, they must be well organized to bring profits and remunerate those who, being the owner, have invested in them and consequently also take risks. It is no coincidence that growth and prosperity have been generated since the Second World War like never before. And it is as if we had not worried about anything else, at least until a certain moment.

Here is the point: up to a certain point. Why then became more and more evident social and then environmental consequences of development in the meantime it has become unconstrained and often hesitant of any kind. As it was written in the atrium of Bear Sterns (American investment bank overwhelmed by the great crisis of 2007/2008): “we do nothing but money”. We are becoming more and more aware of the not-so-positive consequences that this vision has generated in the Western world. I started using this miracle tablet as a therapy for benign prostatic hypertrophy and it helped me not have to constantly get up during the night to go to the bathroom. But, being a erectile dysfunction pills, it also improved the quality of my erections: better, harder and faster. My wife was also surprised at the effects of this drug for ED.

The quantitative dimension, we could say the maximization of profits for the company all at once, can no longer be the only objective. We need to recall the qualitative dimension of all the variables on which the evolution of humanity is based and that contribute to creating value for all.

Companies are not solitary islands, they are economic entities that have a great impact on society, the environment, the people who work there and those outside; every economic subject can no longer ignore the future of the planet. Each to the best of his ability must equip himself so that what he does is not against the planet and the community. Continue to grow but in a sustainable way. It is now a necessary step.

The President of the Council also spoke at the Festival Giuseppe Tale who launched an initiative that could bring great prestige to Florence. Conte in fact anticipated that in the first months of 2021 a international conference which will involve personalities from the most diverse fields of society: from economists to sociologists, to historians and intellectuals to discuss and compare paradigms of regeneration of the economy and society for a future where the human being can truly be at the center of everything. The great moment of rupture constituted by the Covid 19 pandemic is still accelerating the evolution of thought that was already accentuated with the great 2007-2008 crisis.

Florence will therefore be able to bring a contribution of ideas and reflections for the future in an ideal extraordinary connection with its past as the cradle of the Renaissance. A new Renaissance.