With this tasting we are in a handkerchief of Tuscany, where one of the oldest wines in Italy is born: Carmignano we can easily define it as the first Super Tuscan in history.

In fact, francesca grapes (international vines such as Cabernet) arrive in these lands as early as the XNUMXth century, thanks to a happy intuition of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, who wanted a wine suitable for transport. The agronomists of the time understood that they had to work on the structure of the wine, so the Medici asked Caterina (wife of the King of France) to bring the first Cabernet cuttings to Tuscany.

Today the Carmignano vineyards are cultivated between 200 and 400 meters above sea level, the soils that develop within the small Montalbano chain are calcareous and marble, the climate is mainly ventilated and bright: conditions that favor all the vegetative functions -productive of the vineyard.

Small productions but a lot of passion, a wine that is born in these hills, which tells us the most authentic character of very valid producers.

For tasting 4 vintages, 3 of which are happy: harmonious wines with beautiful expressions of sweet and ripe fruit never weighed down by wood. The drought of summer 2017, on the other hand, also left its mark in this splendid area: less fruit and more alcohol, dark notes that in some cases suffocate the softness. In general, wines of great structure, which with a few years in the bottle can only improve.

Well the whites but above all the rosés, rediscovered by many producers also in Tuscany: fruity, dry and drinkable, a winning mix that here in Carmignano has succeeded very well.

Ambra, Trebbiano 2020 | ⭐⭐⭐

Pale straw yellow with greenish reflections, nose of white flowers, elderberry, lavender and mandarin. Lively and brilliant palate with a fresh grapefruit finish.

Podere Allocco, Bacano 2019 | ⭐⭐

Straw yellow with greenish reflections, nose of lime, mint, and green grass. Dry and mineral palate, with a pleasant tropical fruit finish.

Capezzana Estate, Trebbiano di Capezzana 2019 | ⭐⭐⭐

Straw yellow with golden reflections, hints of citrus and amaretto on the nose but also yellow flowers, flint and a pleasant spiciness. Rich, lively and satisfying sip with long persistence.

Castelvecchio, Vin Ruspo 2020 | ⭐⭐⭐

Light ruby ​​red, a rich bouquet of red fruits such as raspberry, wild strawberry and cherry. On the palate a slight effervescence and a fresh acidity, the closure is green apple.

Il Sassolo, Vin Ruspo 2020 | ⭐⭐⭐

Soft pink, wide and bright nose of tropical fruit and wild strawberries. Fresh and slightly effervescent sip with an elegant pink grapefruit finish.

Ambra, Vin Ruspo 2020 | ⭐⭐

Pink with coppery reflections, discreet and elegant nose, green apple, hay and yellow flowers. Sip composed of medium persistence with references to citrus. Thirst-quenching !!!

Estate of Artimino, Vin Ruspo 2020 | ⭐⭐⭐

Cherry pink, banana, raspberry and white flowers on the nose. Lively and refreshing sip, with a nice acidity and hints of mint, a long and persistent finish.

Ambra, Barco Reale Reale 2020 | ⭐⭐⭐

Bright ruby ​​red with violet reflections, a fruity nose of wild strawberries, cherries and hints of violet. Fresh and bright sip, balanced acidity and good persistence. Gastronomic !!!

Tenuta le Farnete, Barco Reale 2020 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​color, relaxed nose of ripe red fruit, cherry and raspberry. Round and enveloping palate of crunchy fruit.

Estate of Artimino, Barco Reale Ser Biagio 2019 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​red with purple hues, clean and elegant nose with vegetal notes and ripe red fruit. Compound and rich in cherry taste, of medium persistence.

Podere Allocco, Barco Reale 2019 | ⭐⭐

Ruby red with violet reflections, a compound nose with hints of green pepper and a beautiful ripe fruit, with white spices. Dry and mellow palate, silky and enveloping tannins.

Capezzana Estate, Barco Reale 2019 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​color, wide and floral nose with intense notes of violet and red fruits. Intense and lively mouth, evolving tannins.

Il Sassolo, Barco Reale 2019 | ⭐⭐⭐

Brilliant ruby, a beautiful violet on the nose but also raspberries and other red fruit. Lively and crunchy palate, long and relaxed sour shoulder. Gastronomic !!!

Pratesi, Carmione 2019 | ⭐⭐⭐

Dark ruby ​​red with violet reflections, wide and elegant nose with notes of dark fruit and balsamic and Mediterranean scrub hints. Rich, relaxed and fleshy sip, compound tannins and long persistence.

Piaggia, Il Sasso 2019 | ⭐⭐

Ruby with violet reflections, nose with bright vegetal notes and ripe excuse fruit and hints of cocoa. Vinous and balanced palate, relaxed tannin and long persistence.

Tenuta le Farnete, Carmignano 2019 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections, delicate and fruity nose, ripe dark fruit and spices emerge. Discreet sip with a lively acidic shoulder, tannins to evolve.

Podere Allocco, Carmignano 2018 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections, lively nose with hints of violet, currant and bright balsamic notes. Lively and crunchy sip, with good persistence.

Fattoria Ambra, Santa Cristina in Pilli 2018 | ⭐⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections, floral nose with hints of violet, intense and intoxicating fruit. Crunchy and balanced sip, with a long persistence.

Fattoria Ambra, Montefortini Podere Lombarda 2018 | ⭐⭐

Brilliant ruby ​​red, red flowers, violet and dark ripe fruit on the nose. Rich, round and satisfying sip, balanced acidity and compound tannins. Gastronomic !!!

Il Sassolo, Carmignano Santa Cristina a Mezzana 2018 | ⭐⭐

Brilliant ruby, shy nose with hints of red flowers and dark fruit and wild musk. Compound palate, tannins to be refined, medium persistence.

Capezzana Estate, Villa di Capezzana 2017 | ⭐⭐

Intense and brilliant ruby ​​color, elegant and composed nose with hints of fruit jam, and Mediterranean scrub. Relaxed and simple sip, balsamic hints and dark spices.

Castelvecchio, Carmignano 2017 | ⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby, vegetal and mineral notes on the nose, hints of pepper and licorice. Slender body with a discreet coffee finish.

Capezzana Estate, Villa di Capezzana 2011 | ⭐⭐⭐

Ruby with orange reflections, notes of mushroom and undergrowth on the nose but also coffee and chocolate. Pleasant and satisfying sip with an interesting acid rush and a china finish.

Pratesi, Reserve Il Circo Rosso 2018 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby ​​color, dark fruit on the nose, balsamic and undergrowth notes and a rich tertiary. Satisfying and composed sip, of medium persistence, with a balanced acidic shoulder.

Tenuta Le Farnete, Carmignano Riserva 2018 | ⭐⭐⭐

Intense ruby, dark fruit and then notes of humus, coffee and chocolate. Relaxed and harmonious sip, of medium persistence.

Piaggia, Carmignano Riserva 2018 | ⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby, notes of mushroom and undergrowth, and hints of toasting at the end. Fresh and satisfying sip, long and persistent closure.

Fattoria Ambra, Carmignano Riserva Elzana 2017 | ⭐⭐

Intense ruby, dominant but at the same time delicate nose with dark tones. Slender body with sweet tannins, with a good general balance.

Fattoria Ambra, Carmignano Riserva Montalbiolo 2017 | ⭐⭐

Brilliant ruby, shy nose, hints of black cherry and coffee notes. Compound and balanced sip, of medium persistence.

Podere Allocco, Carmignano Riserva 2017  | ⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby, lively nose with vegetal notes and hints of caramel and spices. Mouth elegant and of good material.

Estate of Artimino, Carmignano Riserva Grumarello 2017  | ⭐⭐

Ruby, vegetal nose with notes of pepper and tobacco. Inviting sip composed with flavors of cherry and red fruit. Gastronomic !!!

Cantagallo Estate, Chianti Montalbano 2020 | ⭐⭐⭐

Ruby red with violet reflections, red flowers, strawberries and raspberries on the nose. Fresh and crunchy palate, lively and persistent fruit, dynamic and fragrant. Gastronomic !!!

Tenuta Artimino, Chianti Montalbano 2019 | ⭐⭐

Ruby with violet reflections, nose of red fruit and violet. Balanced and round sip, still nervous tannins.

Cantagallo Estate, Chianti Montalbano Riserva 2018 | ⭐⭐⭐

Ruby with violet reflections, notes of red fruits and a pleasant spicy finish. Round and enveloping palate, crunchy fruit that invites you to sip. Gatronomic !!!

Cantagallo Estate, Chianti Montalbano The Founder 2018 | ⭐⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby, ripe fruit nose and toasted and coffee notes. Balanced palate with an interesting caramelized finish.

Piaggia, Poggio dei Colli 2018 | ⭐⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby, good concentration of ripe and crunchy fruit. Fresh and enveloping on the palate, delicate and satisfying matter.

Cantagallo Estate, Gioveto 2018 | ⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby ​​with violet reflections, vegetal nose with green notes of rosemary and medicinal herbs. Good acid shoulder on the palate, it closes with a nice red fruit.

Pratesi, The stones of Lolocco 2018 | ⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby ​​with violet reflections, balsamic nose with notes of fruit in alcohol and chocolate. Satisfying sip and composed palate.

Artimino Estate, Iris 2017 | ⭐⭐

Purple red, fruity nose with sweet and leathery notes. Harmonious and elegant palate, of medium persistence.

Capezzana estate, Ghiaie della Furba 2017 | ⭐⭐

Impenetrable ruby, dried plum and wild berries on the nose. Fresh and round palate, delicate and elegant material. Gastronomic !!!

Castelvecchio, Vin Santo di Carmignano 2015 | ⭐⭐

Amber yellow with golden reflections, the nose of great intensity with notes of honey and raisins. Fruit in alcohol and amaretto on the palate.

Capezzana estate, Vin Santo di Carmignano Riserva 2013 | ⭐⭐⭐

Yellow with amber reflections, lively nose of fruit in alcohol, candied fruit and ripe apricot. Round and full sip, closing nuances of walnut and yellow flowers.

Fattoria Ambra, Vin Santo di Carmignano 2012 | ⭐⭐

Amber yellow with golden reflections, toasted notes and amaretto stand out on the nose. Sweet palate candied grapes, nuts and honey prevail.