The project promoted by the superintendent Alexander Pereira, consists in the disclosure of video recordings of popular songs interpreted by Chorus of the white voices of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and proposed according to a specific teaching methodology of presentation, analysis of the text both from the point of view of form and content, execution in sections sung in groups in order to facilitate the memorization of words and music and finally of the song performed entirely by the voices bianca del Maggio so that it can be sung in harmony also (and above all) by the children to whom the project is aimed.

The proposed songs are easily assimilated and immediately put everyone in a position to repeat the rhythmic and melodic trend by imitation; moreover, one of the main characteristics of popular song is precisely the simplicity of the iterative form, easily recognizable, memorable, imitable and repeatable by all. Popular songs are also rich in contents and didactic-pedagogical purposes: by means of popular song the dialect can be kept alive, local customs and habits are recalled, and one can take inspiration for a social and historical-geographical reconstruction of the environment in which the song itself was generated.

Through its White Voices, the Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino under the direction of the maestro Lorenzo Fratini - director of the project and of the Maggio and the Choir of White Voices - and the preparation of the teacher Sara Matteucci, therefore, presents a collection of significant examples of some popular songs, a journey through the Italian regions through its seasonal songs, rituals, narratives, lullabies; songs that tell stories, traditions, jobs, wars, loves and customs of our people. All deliberately without the aid of musical scores, handing down the songs orally as popular tradition wants.

The videos made will be disseminated through social platforms of the Maggio and the Accademia and websites dedicated to teaching, as well as at schools and training institutes, as the richness and multiplicity of contents of which popular song is a vehicle, also allows to spread values ​​and educating to tolerance and love for the community.

The approach of the new generations to choral music, including that of popular extraction, can only favor the germination of future performers and users of art and culture. Therefore, thanks to the music, the passion in the learning process and the emotion transmitted by those who perform it to those who listen to it, the project can become a real shared heritage, also aimed at choirs as a preparatory tool for choral singing. An absolutely unique project both for the children involved and for all those who will have the pleasure of following and sharing this precious cultural journey.

Program of Italian folk songs presented during the project:

ABRUZZO: Fly fly fly

CALABRIA: My Calabrian

CAMPANIA: Saint Lucia

FRIULI: Ai preât le biele stele

LAZIO: A 'ttocchi, a' ttocchi  - Ballanzè

LOMBARDY: He was born homeless - The Cuckoo (already registered)

PIEDMONT: The cicada and the mosquitoes - Come on the boat (already registered)

SARDINIA: In Diosa, I could not repos

SICILY: Vitti 'na crozza  - Ciuri Ciuri

TUSCANY: Santa does not want (already registered) - When you were born - Little bird singing in the woods

TRENTINO: That day of Lune will come

VENETO: El blackbird lost the beak - When I was little, little girl


Director of the project and of the children's choir: Lorenzo Fratini

Master preparer: Sara Matteucci